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5/3/2007 4:34:27 AM

Beneath the Flood Ch. 2(A Joint Story)

[quote]Posted by:[b]bacon greese1521[/b] Not to be confused, the story isn't about marijuana, it's a story both Halifax and myself are co-writing. The real plot itself may be coming on a bit slowly, so we apologize for a bit of a confusing start. And on the off chance that you haven't read Chapter 1: [url=]Here it be.[/url] Now, on with the show![/quote] Toast looked down and the cracked cement of the sidewalk. He felt a perturbing mixture of awkwardness and apathy inside him. He was just a normal member now; the dingy mangled streets of the Flood no longer cowered in his presence, but rather embraced him with asphalt and garbage. He sighed deeply and headed toward his apartment. The members stared at him with disgust as he walked by, often shooting dirty looks and contemptuous glances. Toast walked diligently on, head facing the rough ground below him, mouth shut in a grimace. ------------- “Where do you think you’re going Mod?” Toast looked up into the chests of four Floodians blocking his way. “Oh that’s right, you’re nothing now. Nothing but a little sack of shi-“ Coke grabbed Toast’s arm as he tried to walk around them. “I said..Where do you think you’re going?!” Coke’s grip tightened and Toast was thrown back into the growing crowd of angry Floodians. “I was jus..jus-“ Toast stammered weakly, desperate to get back to his apartment in New Mombasa. “Jus what [i]Ex[/i]-Mod? We just wanted to have some fun.” Coke’s posse laughed grimly and closed in around him. The laugh spread quickly through the growing crowd of dirty faces the circled in around him. A rather scrawny looking girl with flamboyant purple hair stepped forward. Dragon Eyes. “Dragon! You got to help me! These people are cra-“ Before Toast could finish Dragon Eyes punched him flat in the stomach. “What are you gonna do now traitor?” She spat on him and walked off. Toast one again faced the cracked cement. Gasping for air, he heard the cheers of the crowd and braced for the coming onslaught, struggling to get back up before he could be beat on the ground. The energy in the crowd was sickening. The same kind-of uneasy bloodlust he had seen when people watched Shiska use his Ban-Hammer. An electric cocktail of adrenaline, anxiety, and pure unadulterated hate. They all remained silent as Toast caught his breath and rose to his knees. Each one of the Floodians waiting for the next move to be made. Toast looked up into the gaze of those around him, and saw that the two nearest him were carrying weapons: a lead pipe and a small kitchen knife. It all happened in an instant, but it seemed to Toast like years. He reached up and grabbed the pipe from Java’s hands, ripping it free and jumping to his feet. Using his free hand, his punched Java in the gut, much as Dragon Eyes had done to him. Turning, Toast slammed the pipe into Coke’s head. Dimly noting the blood and skull flying behind it. Pushing Coke out of the way, he barreled through two Floodians, and ran up into Dragon Eyes .He caught her arm in flight, and elbowed her face, sending her sprawling back behind him into the now frantic mass of confused, furious Floodians. Tossing the pipe behind him, Toast sprinted out into the open street. Not stopping to look behind him at the charging crowd. Toast turned on a dark alley, hiding behind a dumpster to catch his breath. The roars of the enraged members were all around him now. The scoured the streets now in packs, each of them calling for his death. Suddenly, the roar broke into frenzy behind him. “There you are!” Toast turned as a small group of Floodians charged down the alley toward him. Panicking, he ran back farther into the dirty alley. Before he could run any further, he was struck on the back of the head. Toast blacked out. ------------ Gaara couldn't help but smile when he saw Toast walking dejectedly down the street. The high and mighty Mod had finally been brought down. He grimaced when he saw the crowd surround Toast, but he knew Toast had it coming. It wasn't until he saw Impurity knock the man unconscious that he became suspicious. He watched closely as Impurity dragged the ex-Mod away, fending off any of the members who tried to get close. Without knowing why, Gaara followed after him. [Edited on 05.02.2007 8:44 PM PDT]
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