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4/18/2007 12:49:02 AM

Beneath the Flood (Joint story)

As the title says, this story is being co-written by myself and Bacon Greese. I have seen Bacon's writing and his work on this first installment has been phenomenal, so don't worry about having a half-crap story. Also, I will not let this detract from my other story, "Seven." So don't worry about that either. Anyway, just as a little disclaimer, this story does not reflect the actual views or opinions of the writers and should be treated as purely fictional. Now, on with the story! --------------- Toast had known this day was coming for a while now. He had known when the members first started to grumble about him, and was sure of it when he heard the rumors being tossed by his fellow Moderators. He spent his last few days of Moderating as he did any other, and when he was finally called in by Achronos, he was hardly surprised. He walked the dark, metallic pathway to Achronos’s office. Grasping the cold, metal handle, he sighed, prepared himself, and pulled open the door. "You know why you're here." Achronos said as Toast walked into the bright light of the interrogation lamp. Achronos’s familiar silhouette appeared across the desk in front of him. “Sit down.” Achronos gestured to a rigid looking seat in front of him. Toast looked around and saw the other Moderators standing beside the Overlord; all of them brandishing their own modified Ban-Hammers and looking grimly down at him. Achronos nodded and looked at the other Mods, "We are here to decide on whether or not Toast should be allowed to keep his status as Moderator." Yoozel’s gruff voice cut in, "Let's cut to the chase. We all know what the final verdict is." Toast sneered at Yoozel with contempt, "Can you sleep at night Yoozel? Can you honestly look in the mirror and say you deserve to be Master Moderator?" The other Mods shuffled about uneasily, none wanting to interject and spoil an early confrontation. Toast looked from one face to the other, they all wanted him gone. Yoozel’s lip trembled in rage but he breathed in a deep sigh and instead turned to Achronos, “Well?” Achronos nodded grimly and cleared his throat. "Toast, you are hereby removed of your authority and position as Moderator. Hand over your Ban-Hammer." Toast pulled his Hammer out with a grimace and reluctantly laid it across the metal table. He could see hatred in their eyes. They wanted him gone. They wanted him silent. They hated him just as the members hated him. But he knew the truth, and soon all of Bungie would hear it.
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