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Surf a Flood of random discussion.
4/10/2007 5:25:22 AM

Guy's don't buy Halo3.

Guys, I spend my last 1000 hours of life investigating Bungie, Halo, and Microsoft. And what I found was....Shocking. The links won't work, I could get banned *Looks over shoulders* But I know there master plan. Bungies master plan. ___ Halo3 is the third game, The last Halo game of that story ark, There are 3 halo games 1 Graphic Novel 4 books 1 other game 1 Peter Jackson thing =7 7 is the Bungie number. The Number of luck. And the Number or OUR DOOM!. ___ First off, Cortana sais "This is the way the world ends" Then shows the Halo3 symbol. Bungie has been very shy about Halo3, and I know why. It's fake, It's part of there plot, to TAKE OVER. So, What will happen, On Halo3's release date? Simple This First, Every person will leave the job to get Halo3, Even the bankers, Governers, etc. Leaving the banks, white house, and all those places empty. Bungie and Microsoft will sneak it. Change the laws of America (which I will get to later). At the end, Our name will be "Seventh column states" (SCS). Rules by Frankie!. Second, They will take control of all the armies. Making them wear Chiefs armor, Which would be real, which is why Microsoft charges so much, They needed money for it. Third: We will becomes bungie slaves. We will work on statues of Frankie, and Bill Gates. We will be tea-bagged of we fall, and they will laugh. __ If any get Halo3 to the 360. It will release a nuclear bomb, Which is tiny, but enough to kill one family (house). ______________________________ So, My friends, We must act fast. If you want America, and the WORLD to stay free. Do this 1-Give me your SS number 2-All your money. 3-Your Halo3, and 360, Also your live acount. ! Thanks, Remember. DON'T TELL BUNGIE. I ALMOST forgot. Laws of the new country 1-Frankie and Gates are gods 2-You must play Halo1/2/3 all your life 3-Sony fanbois will have there thumbs cut off 4-All heretics will be shot 5-All women become....Well nothing really. 6-ALl men become...Nothing either, But slaves 7-Statues of frankie must be praised. 8-Little kids will be owned. [b](This was a joke)[/b] [Edited on 04.09.2007 9:27 PM PDT]
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