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11/30/2012 9:53:46 PM

Your Mail Sack is Back!

[url=]To the Blog![/url] It was nice to give our weekly conversation the usual royal treatment again. As a bonus to the usual challenge (which you will find embedded in the Sack itself), I will be selecting three lucky people who respond to this thread to receive a free code to download the new and improved Kerbal Space Program. To qualify, complete this sentence: "I want to journey into space because..." To learn more about KSP, pay a visit to the [url=]KerbalKon[/url] being streamed all day long by our friends at Squad - but be sure to come back to and help your fellow community peeps solve the puzzle for this week.

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  • I'd want to go into space because honestly I've always thought that celestial bodie are the most beautiful objects in the known universe. I realize that with current space flight all I would see is stars, but for me even that would be enough. In a field at night in the middle of a suburban community I can still find enough beauty in the stars for it to positively enthrall me. But in space? With almost no light polution and not even an atmosphere to obscure my view? Oh what stars I could see. There would be so many and so bright I would probably have the mother of all nerdgasms. I think it would be a safe bet that for the first time I would see the milkyway. I'd say the best possible sight I'd want an Earth rise with the sun in the background, and maybe be able to see Luna for bonus points. Thow in the stars, and while I'd rather not, if I died right then I think I could be happy with what I did in my life. And no, I'm not making this up. I love space and no, none of this is embellished. ('cept maybe the dying thing, not a big fan of dying) Not to mention the sheer novelty of being where so few have been, and to just imagine what marvels of science fiction will eventaully populate the orbit I'm currently occupying. I probably could think of even more reasons why I love space, but I think what I have is enough and any more would probably become rant-like and incoherent. Thx for reading, this is craZboy557, signing off.

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