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3/21/2007 3:55:42 AM

Text Markups

Text Markups make your text [i]italic[/i], [b]bold[/b] and/or [u]underlined[/u]. Text Markups also allow you to insert a link and/or quote into your post. In this informational post, I will teach you how to do these. I will use the phrase "Yay Bungie!" for examples. [b][u]List of All Text Markups[/u][/b] Bold - [[b][/b]b] text [/b] Italics - [i[b][/b]] text [/i] Underline - [u[b][/b]] text [/u] Link - [url[b][/b]](link)[/url] "Lazy Link" - [url=[b][/b]http://(link)] text [/url] Email - [email[b][/b]] email address [/email] Quote - [quote[b][/b]] text [/quote] Multiple text markups - [b[b][/b]][[b][/b]u] text [/b][/u] ([i][b]Note:[/b] It does not matter what order they are in.[/i]) Scroll down for a deeper explanation on how to use text markups. [b][u]Italics:[/b][/u] [[b][/b]i] and [[b][/b]/i] are what to use for putting your text in italics. Format: [i[b][/b]] text [/i] Type in: [[b][/b]i]Yay Bungie![[b][/b]/i] Seen as: [i]Yay Bungie![/i] [b][u]Bold:[/b][/u] [[b][/b]b] and [[b][/b]/b] are what to use for bolding your text. Format: [b[b][/b]] text [/b] Type in: [[b][/b]b]Yay Bungie![[b][/b]/b] Seen as: [b]Yay Bungie![/b] [b][u]Underline:[/b][/u] [[b][/b]u] and [[b][/b]/u] are what to use for underlining your text. Format: [u[b][/b]] text [/u] Type in: [[b][/b]u]Yay Bungie![[b][/b]/u] Seen as: [u]Yay Bungie![/u] [b][u]Adding Links to Your Posts:[/u][/b] There are two ways to link things. You can either; A) Use a Direct Link or B) Use a Text Link (that's what I call them) [i]Note: You [b]must[/b] include [/i]"http:// "[i] in both versions.[/i] [u]Version A: Direct Link[/u] [[b][/b]url] and [[b][/b]/url] are what to use for a direct link. Format: [url]link[/url] Link: Type in: [[b][/b]url][[b][/b]/url] Seen as: [url][/url] [i]Note: You cannot have a space between the text markup [/i]([url] and [/url])[i] and the link. It will not work.[/i] [u]Version B: Text Link ([i]Lazy Links[/i])[/u] Text links require the use of [[b][/b]url=(link)] and [/url] Format: [[b][/b]url=http://(link)] text [/url] Link: Text: Yay Bungie! Type in: [[b][/b]url=]Yay Bungie![[b][/b]/url] Seen as: [url=]Yay Bungie![/url] If you want to learn more about linking, you can find your answers [url=]here[/url]. [b][u]Quoting:[/b][/u] There are two ways to quote someone. If you are quoting someone's post, just use the quote button underneath the text box (what you type your body of your post in). It automatically formats it for you. [u]Manual Quoting[/u] Quoting requires the use of [[b][/b]quote] and [/quote] Format: [[b][/b]quote][[b][/b]b]Posted by:[/b] (User) text [/quote] Type in: [[b][/b]quote][[b][/b]b]Posted By:[[b][/b]/b] RedPhoenix 57 Yay Bungie! [[b][/b]/quote] Seen as: [quote][b]Posted By:[/b] RedPhoenix 57 Yay Bungie![/quote][i]Note: When quoting, there is no need to enter a few times after the quote. There's already a preset amount of lines between your post and the post that you are quoting.[/i] [b][u]Email Addresses[/b][/u] [[b][/b]email] and [/email] are what to use for inserting an email into your post. Format:[[b][/b]email]email address[/email] [i]Note: For this example I will use, the email address to which you report cheaters in Halo 2.[/i] Type in: [[b][/b]email][/email] Seen as: [email][/email] [b][u]Multiple Text Markups[/u][/b] When using more than one text markup ([[b][/b]b] & [/b], [[b][/b]url] & [/url]...) it does not matter what order you place them in. They'll still show up the same as long as you start and end them. You can also make links bold, italicized and underlined. Due to the nature of this, I'm going to provide multiple examples. Type in: [b[b][/b]][[b][/b]i]Yay Bungie![/b][/i] Seen as: [b][i]Yay Bungie![/i][/b] Type in: [[b][/b]url=][[b][/b]i][[b][/b]b]Yay[/b] [[b][/b]u]Bungie![/url][/i][/u] Seen as: [url=][i][b]Yay[/b] [u]Bungie![/i][/url][/u] [u][b]Negating Text Markups[/u][/b] Type in: [[[b][/b]b][[b][/b]/b]u] and [[[b][/b]b][[b][/b]/b]/u] Seen as: [[b][/b]u] and [/u] [i]Note: You don't need to negate the ending of the text mark up (in this case, the [/i][/u][i]). I just did that for demonstration purposes. Also, please note that [/i][url][i] and [/i][/url][i] do not work for the purposes of negating text markups.[/i] If you have any questions, or I missed some, PM me and I'll add them in. Hope this helps. [Edited on 06.01.2007 10:42 PM PDT]

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