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9/9/2004 6:46:55 AM

Would this work to build the Column?

Or more importantly, would you support it? This is a crazy idea I had. I was thinking about the usefulness of the 7th Column after Halo 2's release considering the fact everyone will be online. Most LAN parties would become a rare or nonexistant event. Maybe why they dropped the "Events" section in the new build. But here's my idea... Imagine walking down the street and coming upon a store. In this stores window is the coolest Master Chief you've ever seen. TV's are in the window. On the screen: Halo 2 multiplayer. Inside the store are groups of sections. Inside each section are sets of LAN connected Xbox's. Sections for Halo and Halo 2. For a small fee, people are aloud to play for a set time limit. But why you say? How hard is it to get all your friends that play Halo together at the same time? They have to be out of school or off work or just be awake. It's kind of hard to get good LAN games going with people you know. But why not just go online? Because everytime you do, your team sucks. And there is a team killing ***** tard destroying everything. You want some people you can smack (kidding), you can trust...right there. Is that the only reason to go to a store to play Halo? No. Each store has it's own internal divisions. Based on "rank". Less skilled players are taught. The better players show newer players what the exicetment is about. Teams are set up. [b]OTHER[/B] stores are challenged. Multiple cities challenge each other. Huge competitions develop. The 7th Column community grows. World domination begins. Chapters become key players for their city's store. The chapter's name's are proudly listed in the window. People are drawn into true, good-spirited competition. Plus the store would provide every piece of Bungie merchandise you could think of. From Marathon to a Grunt Hoodie to some fresh Soffish served with a coke. And the general environment and attitude would be good, clean fun. For all ages. Just a lofty idea. What do you think? Would you actually go to such an imaginary place? Would it be worth it to get offline, your couch too, and go make actuall contact with people that have the same interests? I would. Edit: I'm an idiot and ... still an idiot. Sorry. Disregard. [Edited on 9/8/2004 10:48:26 PM]

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