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1/7/2013 4:47:03 PM

*unoffical strategy guide... titles, theories and more!!!

BASE TITLES -- No title is better than any other; they are for fun only. Added 12/10/07 12:25 PM PST Member - Black bar * Basic title for all members; Vast majority of holds this title Heroic Member - Gray bar * Step above Member; Consistently active for 1-12 months (on average) Legendary Member - White bar * Step above Heroic; Consistently active for about 2 years Mythic Member - Blue bar * Step above Legendary; Consistently active for about 3 years ----- If you get warned/banned you can still achieve a title, but it will take longer You must be active to advance in title. Here are a few ways: Log in daily, join/post in groups & threads daily, create threads, link Gamertag to account PREFIXES FOR BASE TITLES -- Added to title system on Nov. 13, 2008 Note - All info. has been gathered from many members; dates are only theories - In order from lowest to highest - Priority comes into play only when a user qualifies for more than one member title Approximately: 1. Honorable - No bans/warnings in about 1 year* 2. Veteran - Active member of 4 years 3. Noble - Active member of 2 years, with no bans for at least 1 year* 4. Senior - Active member of 5 years 5. Elder - Active member of 6 years 6. Intrepid - High post count 7. Fabled - Very high post count 8. Exalted - No bans/warnings in 3 years 9. Absent - inactivity for 2+ months Definitions *If banned/warned, you may or may not keep the title, depending on length/number of bans. Source SPECIAL TITLES Webcam MVP Members who participated in webcam games in Summer 2007 and managed to win the game on Monday. Mr Hand/Mr Hand 2 was the contractor in charge of it; More info. * Depending on what normal base title they are, their bar will be that color Theme Master Members who have submitted a group theme that was accepted by the Web Team. These members were honored with a custom avatar. * Depending on what normal title they are, their bar will be that color; There is no current way to become a Theme Master Forum Ninja Moderators of the Bungie website; More info. * One can have any type of member title and still become a ninja. * Their title bar color is a dark orange with a light-orange highlight around it. * In groups, their title bar color changes to the normal base colors. Master Forum Ninja Highest possible title given out to a member. They have a few more tools than a regular Ninja. * One can have any type of member title and still become a ninja. * Their title bar color is a dark orange with a light-orange highlight around it. * In groups their title bar color changes to normal base colors. Bungie Employees * A few have golden text; title bar color is a dark yellow with a golden highlight around it. * When they post, a golden Septagon appears on the side of the thread. * In groups, their title bar color changes to the normal base colors. OTHER TITLES * These titles are given out to special members, Bungie employees, and Forum Ninjas. KNOWN TITLE INFO - Thanks JBSpudster, hawkeye543, Old Papa Rich, Pro Kendog, Scapegoat413, Tom T Base Titles 3/12 Trust Rating? / Proof 10/11 System Isn't Supposed to Make Sense; Going Away Soon? 4/09 You Can Earn Trust Without Posting 4/09 Trust Rating Includes Game Playing; Labels>Ranks 2/09 5 Digit Max Trust Value & No Minimum Value 2/09 Max Value; Join Date Heavily Weighted; Can't Get Locked Out of Title; Negative Ban Effects 2/09 Trust System Enabled Before Titles; Only Superusers See Trust; Bans Fade in Time 11/08 Tweaked Math to Normalize Higher Titles; 67 Mythics 11/08 Heavy Math Change to Titles; No Max # but Specific Tiers; Result=Lower Base Titles 11/08 Rating No Longer Relative to Other Users; Titles More Predictable 8/08 Trust Rating = Quality Metrics; Main Title Use = Fun/Positive Boost; Titles = Contributions 6/08 Consistency Rewarded Over Inconsistency 6/08 Time Not Only Factor 6/08 259 Mythic, 3848 Legendary, 11351 Heroic; Quick Titles if Contribute; Consistent Formula 4/08 Title Determined by Highest Max Compared to Your Score 3/08 Max Value Changes Daily = Title Changes Can Occur Without Trust Changes 3/08 Trust Rating & Trust Modifier Assigned to Account 2/08 70000 Accounts Lose Heroic title After Bug Fix 2/08 Bug fixed; 200 Mythic 2/08 13 Mythic, 1736 Legendary, 82000 Heroic; Lopsided-Should be 15000 Heroic, 200 Mythic 2/08 Titles Percentage Based; Too Many Heroics/Not Enough Mythics Glitch 2/08 Many Caches/Servers for Titles; Have to Sync; Changes Aren't Instant 2/08 Titles Based On Max Rating/Relativity; Cache Glitch; Cache Refreshes Daily; Everybody Mythic 2/08 Titles Based on Where Your Trust Rating Falls for that Day 12/07 System Accounts for Spamming Reports 12/07 Bans/Warnings Stop Affecting Title in Time 12/07 Bans/Warnings Aren't Permanent Marks on Trust Rating 12/07 Join Dates & Other Affect Titles; Titles Rewards for Trust 12/07 Titles Don't Affect Reports 12/07 Use Many Combinations of Activity, both Negative & Positive 12/07 Join Dates Don't Affect Entire Title 12/07 Titles Determined by Trust Rating-Generated Each Day Prefixes 2/09 Prefixes Not Related To Trust Value 11/08 Prioritization 11/08 3 Ban Prefixes & Qualifications 11/08 Veteran/Senior/Elder for Longtime Users; Honorable/Noble/Exalted for No Bans; Intrepid/Fabled for Forums/Groups; Prioritized; Honorable/Noble Bug 11/08 Honorable/Noble/Exalted Related; Honorable/Noble Priority Bug 11/08 Veteran Not Ban Related; Imbalanced Priority Bug; Prefixes=Performance Fixes 11/08 Higher Titles More Likely To Have Rare Prefixes / Exalted = Highest Prefix 11/08 9 Prefixes With Different Criteria 11/08 Prefixes=Badges & Good Behavior Indicators 11/08 Prefixes Independent of Titles Other 4/10 Titles Meant To Encourage Investing Into an Account 4/09 Arbitrary Titles; Accidental Bans; New Title System in Development 4/09 Current System=Impossible To Understand in Absolute Terms 4/09 Ultimate Goal=Fun 4/09 Personally Customizable Titles > Titles Of Arbitrary Numbers 4/09 Speculation On Unlockable Titles & Game Participation 4/09 Possibility Of Losing Titles & Increased Linking To Game Participation 12/08 Speculative: Titles As a Sorting Device Intended for New Members? 12/08 Titles Initially Intended To Be User Rating System; Nowhere Near Completion or Reality 12/08 Building Like-Minded Community Barriers 12/08 Elitism Isn't Always Bad; Titles As A Sorting Device 8/08 Titles Aren't Pointless 2/08 1736 Legendary Members, 13 Mythic; Manual Calculations Not Adding Up 2/08 Trust Formula Changed; Possible Bug 3/07 System Purpose Defeated Once Figured Out; Seeing Trust Rating Meaningless 3/07 Secretive Trust Consequences Against Alt Accounts 3/07 System Awards? System Intentionally Vague 3/07 System Decides if Criteria is Met=Rewards 3/07 System Guesses Trust; Prototype Collecting Data 3/07 System Functions Must Remain Hidden For Functionality 3/07 Trust Ratings Can't be Biased for Functionality 3/07 Automatic Trust System > Manual Karma System 3/07 Prototype Collected Trust Before Title Implementation THEORIES> Note: No one except the Bungie Webteam knows exactly how this system works.

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