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1/7/2013 3:46:12 PM
74 strategy guide... hints, tricks, and more!!!

If you are reading this you are now a part of the Bungie community, welcome! is the home for all things Bungie and the official gathering place for the community. Before we begin our journey into the bold new world, lets begin with a pressing issue: [quote]Bungie is no longer managing the Halo Universe. While our Halo-related forums and stats remain available, be advised that "official" answers and support about the Halo Universe (past, present, or future) are not.[/quote] Bungie is no longer making Halo, Halo is now being made and solely produced by 343i industries: [url=] here are their forums[/url]. The community forum is ot the appropriate place to discuss Halo related threads. Threads about Halo 4 belong in the Flood forum and threads about the story related aspect of Halo and previous, Bungie games, belong in the universe forum. currently also features a variety of Halo related forums underneath the forums tab for more discussion. Now that we have covered the past, lets look onward for the future: forums Community forum: That is the forum you are currently on. The community forum is a gathering place for the Bungie community where we discuss issues regarding the site, community events, and (currently) we discuss about Bungie's upcomming game Destiny. The Flood: The Flood forum is the off-topic forum of The Flood is for a wide variety of threads not appropriate for the other forums. But, all forum rules still apply. The Gallery: The Gallery lets you express your artist side as you post your Bungie related works of art. If you are feeling creative and have some cool drawings, music, or videos about Bungie's games, feel free to stop by. The Universe forum: The universe forum is for discussing all previous Bungie games. It is like a total codex of knowledge at your fingertips to flip through and dive further into the universes Bungie has cultivated for 20 years. The other forums in the fourms tab offer a wide assortment of offerings from the official Crimson forums to the Halo forums. Take a peek and enjoy the ride. Posting advice: is a fun place for everyone to get together and have a good time. Here are some tips I recommend to new users: - [b]read the rules:[/b] learn what is acceptable and try to follow them. You are a lot less likely to get banned/warned if you familiarize yourself with policies. -[b]Don't be a jerk:[/b] Perhaps the most important advice I can give you. No one likes a jerk and no one likes to be treated like a jerk. -[b]If in doubt, don't post it:[/b]If you want to post something you think might break the rules, my advice is to not post it at all. You risk getting warned or at worst being banned. -[b]Groups:[/b] I recommend to fully enjoy your experience you join groups. Groups offer you a place to enhance your experience and connect with people with similar interests.You and a few friends can get together and make a group where you can forums your own mini community. -[b]community carnage[/b] If you want to make some friends and play some classic Bungie games, look for the community carnages which are posted on the community forum. It is a great way to meet people and make friends within the community. -[b]Have fun:[/b] These forums are a fun place for everyone to get together, it is important to try and have a positive attitude. Ninjas: The ninjas of enforce the law of the land. They are here to help you and make sure this site runs smoothly. If you have any questions, PM them: [url=] link[/url] Moderators have Salmon text and the title Forum ninja or Master forum ninja. Anyone else claiming to be a mod that does not have these features for their account is most likely not one. Be warned. Forum titles: As of now hosts a variety of forum titles, the official thread to discuss this further is here and only here: [url=] Link[/url]. My advice is to not worry about them too much, they are just for fun. Helpful users: Here contains a list of helpful users you can PM if you have a question. They have been on for some time and can give you advice. For offical information, contact a moderator/employee: [url=] DarkestSeptagon[/url] [url=] Viron[/url] I will keep updating this thread as the site gets updated and we exit darkness. I am glad you have decided to be part of the Bungie community and I hope you are here to stay for what is coming next. This is my advice to you as a forum user here for several years, I am not the official voice of but humbly offer my advice and information about If anyone else has any advice they would like to give for new users or users who want to introduce themselves please post in this thread. Be Brave [Edited on 01.07.2013 12:08 PM PST]

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