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1/5/2013 12:22:54 PM

My Halo 5 wish list. Does the Flood agree with any points?

If you disagree or don't agree completely then please state why, Please respond like this: 1.agree 2.disagree, underpowered and useless. 3.don't completely agree, breaks Halo canon. P.S. These points are also ideas for the next game. My Wishlist: 1.BR and DMR should be combined to make select fire rifle with single or two round burst allowing bloom to take over and you have to lead your shots when burst is on. The Marksmen Rifle or MR. 2.Custom games to be fixed to more customizable and even crazy options. 3.Sprint toggle switch on custom game options. 4.A more Halo default control setting. 5.AR from Halo 3 with some bloom. 6.Custom loadouts replaced with loadouts from Reach. Let the game decide the layout, not the players in the game. 7.Bring back all old gametypes, i.e. VIP, Tower of Power, Action Sack gametypes, Race, HeadHunter, Stockpile, Invasion with more maps, Assault, and Juggernaut. 8.Mechanisms in forge that allow for moving things and opening things in a variety of ways like tracks or doors with pressure plates or keys (components like in CoD Zombies, sorry but I can't see any other parallels). 9.Forge World with changing biomes or a hollow deck that you can choose the map like desert world 1 or desidous forest world 3. 10.Firefight back and Spartan Ops out. 11.Firefight forge with Firefight gametypes. 12.Flood and Prometheans in Firefight and maybe mix. 13.Night time or daytime changes in forge maps and custom games. 14.Theater mode that is party accessible. 15.More classical concepts to in-game maps and not just crazy, crowded maps. 16.Lower player speed so to lessen the amount of space a map needs for 4v4. 17.Lower brightness of regular colors, too flashy. 18.Replace pulse grenades with EMP grenades. 19.Lights in Forge. 20.You can block and affect light in the game. 21.A vehicle similar to "The Bat" from TDKR for the UNSC that is balanced and fun. Plus that it looks good. 22.Original Mk V and Mk VI armor with Chief's new armor. 23.Put some armor in that hides the thruster pack propellers. 24.Gold visor. 25.More small maps. 26.Grenade pick-up ability for regular players. 27.Oddball skull isn't a hologram but an actual skull. 28.Old kill-based games with point-based games. 29.Skill-based ranking. So what do you think? If you have new points you want to add please do so in the order of my list and other people's additions. [Edited on 01.05.2013 10:09 PM PST]
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