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Discuss what we all have in common.
1/4/2013 2:58:39 AM

Right, so you work in an office.

You've got a nice cubicle; you've got your computer that they still haven't updated to Windows Vista, let alone 7; you've got your calendar of Labradoodles hung up on your cubicle wall just over your favorite nick-nack; and, most importantly of all (at least, as it pertains to this particular allegory) you've got on your favorite green tie. You come in to work on March 11th, go over to your cubicle, boot up your computer, and get ready to work. Almost immediately as your password entry screen appears in front of you, as if summoned by a whistle, two of your coworkers come up to your cubicle, coffees in hands, and strike up a conversation. The first one, that annoying guy from sales, asks you how your weekend was. You tell him whatever fantastical, splendiferous thing you did over the weekend, and you two go back and forth for awhile about whatever that was, but eventually the second gentleman, who works in IT, comments on your tie. "What kind of a knot is that?" he says. "You really should be going with the full Windsor. It's the only one that looks any good." You respectfully tell him that the half Windsor is simply easier to tie in the morning if you're running late, so you stick with that. You then go back to attempting to talk about whatever you'd done over the weekend (for the sake of specificity, lets say you went spelunking). Only a few moments later, the IT guy butts in again and reaffirms his stance that you really should be wearing a full Windsor, and piles on that your choice of green in no way compliments your shirt color (that of the Pea Green variety). You respectfully laugh it off and say it was all you could find in your closet this morning, mainly just to shut him up. He yields and begrudgingly hides his frown in a gulp of Maxwell House. You continue to elaborate on your previous spelunking adventures, the future endeavors you wish to undertake in the field of spelunkery and all that, when, yet again, the IT guy jumps in. "Are you kidding? You really think that taking a tour of a cave is spelunking? You must be an idiot. It's not spelunking, moron." You ask why he's being so hostile, and he says he's just letting you know it's not spelunking, and that he doesn't know why you're getting so defensive. The salesman now pipes in. "What the -blam!-, man? He's just talking about going to a cave. So -blam!- what if he used that word?!" Just then, another coworker comes up to the situation. "Will you two children quit your -blam!- bickering?" he dramatically inquires. Both of the arguers immediately round on the interrupter and start throwing a combination of curses and vulgarities in the conversation's fourth participants general direction to a degree which would make the late George Carlin a rosy shade of pink in the cheeks. This continued, heated argument continues for a good four minutes until your boss comes round. All three of the inappropriate debaters are immediately fired, and go out swearing at you for not sticking up for them. ITT: Discuss why it is you think arguments on these forums can become so heated so quickly, and why it is you think people feel the need to insult one another to get their point across. Is it because they're point is so feeble compared to that of their opponents that they have to bolster their point wall with bricks of vulgarity? Or, rather, is it just lack of a feeling of formality about the forums, which leads to a lack of effort put towards being mature, etc. as they would be in "real life" in public? What do you think?

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