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1/2/2013 9:52:10 AM

A huge problem with this community

Before I begin, let me clarify something. This thread is mostly in reference to threads from the [url=]Community Forum,[/url] because it is saturated with employees, moderators, and people dedicated to pleasing the previous two groups, and because the game forums have effectively died. has a culture problem. A culture problem that I believe is detrimental to the growth and success of the website. Sucking up is not really something I see talked about much here so I figured this was worth a thread. The Community is not a pleasant place, and it never really has been. In fact, it got so bad that their "Big Man" had to step in and [url=]do this.[/url] It kind of feels like the entire community, moderators and members both, have forgotten [url=]that being a suck up is a bad thing.[/url] Anyone who posts often in the Community Forum can see this. People are constantly sucking up, and pretty hard at that. For some reason, no one seems to care anymore - maybe because we're trolling people, or maybe because we've just all gotten lazy or grown out of being bothered by such things. [url=]Just look through a few[/url] [url=]pictures from a couple of threads made since yesterday.[/url] Let me stop here and say that I am trying to be negative and judgmental towards those that suck up to the moderation team. I assume that much butt kissing has to take a toll on the lips, but please realize it is never going to get you promoted to a ninja. This is just as much a call to members. Every one of us are given a report button so we can help keep the forums clean, but who really uses it unless they're upset over something an OP said? How often do you see a post reported for sucking up too much? The sheer butt kissing that can be seen just by scanning over any somewhat long thread is astounding. Maybe moderators need to stop accepting this groveling and start banning. Maybe the same is true for people not reporting a post. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a moderator not lock an exceptionally long thread, that everyone knows is nothing but a cluster-blam!- of butt kissers kissing butt, and not bother to even reply to anyone whom isn't a moderator. Like I said, I understand when you just don't see it, but why in the hell are people in these huge threads not reporting these types of posts? I know that people will be white knight suck ups on the internet, and I'm not expecting it to change. But can we please do something to get rid of this toxicity before new people start pouring in? People have strong opinions on things, and they're certainly entitled to them, but why do you have to suck up in an attempt to get promoted to a mod? Why do you have to kiss so many mod's butts? Why is any of this tolerated at all? Allowing this stuff to go on is just running people away from the site, because a civilized person has no reason to spend their time being involved in a community that harbors these types of people. I know what the responses will be to this post. People will tell me how I'm being too sensitive and how it's just the way the internet is. People will tell me I'm one of the butt kissers. And look, I know I reply to a mod sometimes when I'm joking. None of us are perfect, but I don't think asking members to attempt to be normal (and mods to enforce less butt kissing when needed) is too much to ask. You can ignore this problem all you want, but I know from talking to others that I'm not the only person who sees this. It's a real problem that needs to be fixed. [Edited on 01.02.2013 2:06 AM PST]
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