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1/1/2013 1:53:04 AM


ok so before you all attack me by saying halo reach is the worst halo and all that jazz (though if your willing to share actual jazz with me that's fine) you need to understand that halo 1 and 2 were the only halo games released on pc, halo 1 was ported over by gearbox and they did a decent job with it with many graphics options and good mouse and keyboard controls and even going so far as to add online multiplayer, a feature not in the xbox version, combine that with skill based weapons, an awesome campaign and multiplayer on level with the original half life and you have a very good game. then we got halo 2, a rushed awful port by an in house development teem by the name of hired gun, it featured 3 graphics options, horrible keyboard and mouse controls (those of you who've used a turret or a vehicle will know what i mean), voice chat that doesn't work and a 5 time activation limit as well as a LOWER yes LOWER FOV than the original halo 2, not to mention halo 2,s numerous problems such as added lock on, lack of health making the shield less useful, poor weapon balance, this as you can probably guess caused people to avoid it like the plague now we have halo reach, health is back so that's good, and means people don't come off completely unscathed if there shields go down and they loose half there health and will help them to learn in the same way that counter strike does that they need to play with more tactics and try to avoid having there shields drop at all, the pistol is no longer useless which means weapon balance, firefight gives people something to do other than standard multiplier, forge which allows people to easily make maps if they don't want to learn the more complex map editor that they will include if they want even a hope of this game selling well on pc. now when compared to halo 2 reach would feel far better because it feels more like the original game that people fell in love with. ok enough about that now onto the main point of this thread, to make this happen we can't simply have another 200 threads called please bring halo reach to pc :), we need a campaign, we need to start a petition first thing so microsoft can see NUMBERS (i've done that and added the link down bellow) the second thing is to make a very clear list of things vital to make the port good and vote on each of the proposed features until we have a list of features that is also backed up by NUMBERS, and lastly we need to offer as much help as we can to the team porting reach, for example offering advice on how a feature should work and giving explanations on why it would be best that way, as well as people willing to do modeling and texture work voluntarily, to allow higher quality models and textures that we would expect from a good PC port. the petition has been created and can be found here: now i'm off to make videos and stuff to help get people talking about this and allowing us to be sucsessfull in our great journy of getting reach on pc
#Halo #Reach

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