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12/28/2012 9:42:25 PM

The Annual Bungie Awards [The dust has settled, we have our winners!]

[quote][u][b]WINNERS CIRCLE![/b][/u][/quote] Here we are at last the winners of the 2012 Annual Bungie Awards!! Make sure to congratulate your fellow members. And please keep it clean. [quote][b]WINNERS[/b][/quote][quote][b]Most Likely to Become Urk[/b]: [url=]DeeJ[/url] [b]Most Likely to Become Jerome[/b]: [url=]ALI217[/url] [b]Most Likely to Become DeeJ[/b]: [url=]spawn031[/url] [b]Most Likely to Become Stosh[/b]: [url=]burritosenior[/url] [b]Most Likely to Become Achronos[/b]: [url=]dazarobbo[/url] [b]Thread Creator of The Year[/b]: [url=]Helveck[/url] [b]Best Thread of 2012[/b]: [url=]******* from Erie, PA, I met your mom![/url] - by [url=]bobcast[/url] [b]WALL O TEXT Award[/b]: [url=]Helveck[/url] [b]I Hate Everything Award[/b]:[url=]elmicker[/url] [b]Jester of the Year[/b]: [url=]Helveck[/url] [b]Lurker of The Year[/b]: [url=]Phoenix1710[/url] [b]Most Likely To Donate to Obscure Charity[/b]: [url=]evilcam[/url] [b]Coffee Addict Award[/b]: [url=]CamCam[/url] [b]I'm Just Here Award[/b]: [url=]MyNameIsCharlie[/url] [b]Signature of The Year[/b]: [url=]mvyorkie009[/url] [b]Best Legs Award:[/b] [url=]Recon Number 54[/url] [b]Sexy Member of the Year[/b]: [url=]TOM T[/url] [b]Young Grasshopper of The Year[/b]: [url=]ChorrizoTapatio[/url] [b]Old Fart of The Year[/b]: [url=]Old Papa Rich[/url] [b]Member of The Year[/b]: [url=]A 3 Legged Goat[/url] [b]Heroic Member of The Year[/b]: [url=]spartain ken 15[/url] [b]Legendary Member of The Year[/b]: [url=]edableshoe[/url] [b]Mythic Member of The Year[/b]: [url=]Helveck[/url] [b]Forum Ninja of the Year: [/b] 3 WAY TIE! 1. [url=]evilcam [/url] 2. [url=]Recon Number 54[/url] 3. [url=]True Underdog[/url] ...and last but not least, your Bungie Employee of the Year goes to... (cue drumrull) [b]Bungie Employee of the Year[/b]: [url=]DeeJ[/url][/quote] Big thanks to antony X1000, ARBITOR 5, burritosenior, Hylebos, ecartman1214, ECOH Cam, Kickimanjaro and sam da man 2008 for brainstorming, assisting, managing and throwing ideas around for this to become what it has been. I'd also like to thank DeeJ and the public Forum Ninjas for allowing this to happen. Thanks Bungie Community! -Original OP- [quote][u][b][url=]The Annual Bungie Awards have been closed for 2012[/url][/b][/u][/quote] [u][b]Preface[/b]:[/u] [i]The Annual Bungie Awards has been in progress since this past February originating through a small group of friends in a private group. We brainstormed that we (the community) should host our own awards for shenanigans and bragging rights around the Bungie Community. Everything should be taken with a grain of salt. [/i] [u][b]So what exactly is the Bungie Awards?[/b][/u] The Bungie Awards is a place for you to gather with fellow members and vote on who you think is worthy of different awards. Think of it Golden Globe style. With red carpet and everything.... yeah. Winners can throw in their "acceptance speech" if they'd like. In short, TABA is basically: [b]>[/b] Nominate fellow members for awards [b]>[/b] Members vote on those worthy of the award [b]>[/b] Winners get bragging rights, grains of salt, and non-existant loot. [b]>[/b] We relive memories and nostalgia over awesome moments in our community. [quote][u][b]Some of the awards that you will find are[/b][/u]: [i][b]>[/b] Best thread of the year [b]>[/b] Worst thread of the year [b]>[/b] Member, Heroic, Legendary, Mythic member of the year [b]>[/b] Forum Ninja and Bungie Employee of the year [b]>[/b] Jester of the year[/i] [u][b]And other awards such as: [/b][/u] [i][b]>[/b] Best legs [b]>[/b] Sexy Member award [b]>[/b] WALL O TEXT award [b]>[/b] Drunk Ninja Post of the year [b]>[/b] Lurker of the year [b]>[/b] Old Fart of the year [b]>[/b] Young grasshopper of the year[/i] [/quote] ...and many more. The Annual Bungie Awards is simply based around the idea for fun with the community. This thread will serve as our main update thread for the community. If you wish to take part in the voting process, simply [url=]join our clubhouse and cast your votes. [/url] [u][b]The Bungie Awards have concluded[/b][/u] Thanks everyone that participated in this years Annual Bungie Awards. It's been fun, please take everything with a grain of salt as this is all in good fun. [quote][b][u]Please note[/u][/b]: This thread will serve as the public "hub" for information that happens. Keep all discussion about the awards in this thread only and in the voting group. Any off-topic discussion here or creating other public threads about the awards, will put you at the mercy of the public moderators, you've been warned.[/quote] [Edited on 01.01.2013 8:16 AM PST]

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