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12/28/2012 8:40:25 PM

Halo and Half-Life

The Combine in HL are the Precursors, the Advisers are Precursor larva and haven't achieved their full forms, as their lifespans are extremely long. We know the Combine have extra dimensional travel and occupy multiple parallel universes already, so it makes perfect sense that they can occupy the 'Halo' universe as well as the HL universe. The Xen lifeforms are like the Flood in that they were biologically engineered by the Precursors. Unlike the Flood, the Xen lifeforms were discarded as failures and placed together on the Xen home world until the Resonance Cascade occurred, teleporting a large amount of them to Earth where they helped break down human society as the Combine quickly assumed control. Gordon destroyed the Nihilanth, the overlord of Xen, allowing the Combine to tame their creations once again. The G-Man, having access to Precursor technology, uses his seemingly nigh-omnipotent powers to travel constantly between universes to make sure all the events go according to plan. For some strange reason, the Precursors are bent on making humans the new leaders of the 'Halo' universe, while keeping them down in the 'Half-life' universe. Eventually, G-man meets with Master Chief for the first time, just as he did with Gordon and Shepard, and gives him similarly vague, ominous messages about certain events that are about to unfold. What this accumulates in is Gordon eventually using Combine technology to travel to the Halo Universe or being placed there by G-man, and becoming outfitted in Spartan armor and fighting alongside Master Chief in undercover missions to stop the "unforeseen consequences" from occurring. These unforeseen consequences may involve the re-emergence of the Flood, which may combine with the Xen lifeforms that are brought in by Precursors (imagine infected Headcrabs?) and a cosmic moral and political dilemma involving who is the enemy and who is ally and what the Precursors' true initiative is for their seemingly contradictory history and philosophies. [Edited on 12.28.2012 3:03 PM PST]

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