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12/28/2012 7:45:09 PM

2012 Year in Review: Countdown until Starside! (your mom was here)

[quote][url=][u][b]Bungie Community Countdown until Starside! (2013)[/b][/u] [/url]- Bungie Time, Redmond WA[/quote] [i]Dearest 7th Column, 2013 is approaching, soon. I have taken some time reminiscing old threads and fond memories that took place on our internet home. I have decided to compose this thread solely for the purpose to share past memories of 2012 with you. Now ponder, poke and discuss your favorite memories relating to the Bungie Community In 2012. I can't cover everything, but I'll try to highlight some memorable ones for us.[/i] [u][b]Quick Facts about 2012[/b] [/u] Word of the Year: [u][b]Soon[/b].[/u] Forced Meme of the Year: [b][u]Dragons[/u][/b]. First time we heard [url=]"" used.[/url] Bungie's [url=]position on SOPA[/url] Sawnose's open letter [url=]regarding Bungie Pro.[/url] [quote][u][b]Memorable Dates/Events:[/b][/u] [b][u][url=]Bungie Winter Pentathlon 2012[/url][/u][/b]: [url=]Cup stays here.[/url] While the competition between all Bungie Employee's is high, don't forget that we were able to [url=]watch through webcam fun[/url] as well and speculate. ([url=]Bungie Photo Album[/url]) [b][u][url=]March 31st 2012[/url]:[/u][/b] [url=]Final Transition to Halo Services[/url] This was the last day that supported Halo stats syncing to! All stats after this date are frozen and no longer update. [b][u]April Fool's Day 2012[/u][/b]: Ninja's on troll duty. [url=]The Truth About HFCS[/url] posted by HFCSux, which had a link to [url=]this article[/url], claiming to be a Ninja. Hilarity was ensured! [b][u]Bungie at PAX 2012[/u][/b]: [url=]Community Roundup![/url] Initial sign ups were [url=]with RollinRollin13[/url] as per usual, but the Bungie Community kicked off with [url=]some great memories[/url] (Photo Credit to [url=]BaghdadBean[/url]). More great pictures can be found in the thread I linked. [b][u]Bungie Mail Sacks:[/u] [/b][url=]We love the sack.[/url] While there isn't an actual date for the mail sacks, they have gone throughout the entire year. This first mail sack was in December of 2011, so it's quite an accomplishment celebrating 1 full year of mail sacks. [b][u]Community Ride Alongs[/u][/b]: [url=]Tru7h, Carnage, Bungie[/url] DeeJ has been embracing carnage on many different games while playing with old and new fans. Community Ride Alongs have been happening the majority of 2012. [/quote] [quote][u][b]BUNGIE DAY 2012 [/b][/u]- Here's what happened this year! [quote][b]Phase 1[/b] - DeeJ posts the main [url=]page article on the homepage page[/url] -[url=]You now have new avatars and profile themes unlocked[/url] -[url=]Urk Tweets: Phase 1,[/url][/quote] [quote][b]Phase 2[/b] -[url=]Marty Tweets about working on music with Paul McCartney [/url] -[url=]DeeJ posts about it[/url] - Found by Hylebos [url=]Kotaku Interview about it[/url][/quote] [quote][b]Phase 3 - Confirmed False (Urk be trolling) [/b]- [url=]24 hour LIVE mailsack with DeeJ[/url] -[url=]Confirmation NO Live Mail sack[/url] (Urk be trolling) -[url=]New Objective: Find the 7 ticket winners[/url] - Phase 3 is up to the Community. [b]Update[/b]: [url=]DeeJ confirmes it's fine to post[/url] -[url=]A One of Seven winner has posted.[/url](everyone flips out hah!) -[url=]DeeJ is trollin ;)[/url] -[url=]DeeJ confirms not all the tickets have been entered[/url]- Found by Lord Of Blah [url=]-WINNERS VIDEO found (URL change)[/url] - From Waffle -[url=]Legit attempt at solving the hieroglyphics code.[/url] -[url=]Is Bungie Day over?[/url] - by Waffle[/quote][/quote] [quote][u][b]Memorable Threads and Discussions[/b][/u][/quote] [u][b]THE GOOD[/b][/u] [quote][url=]Who wants to pick my next avatar?[/url] - borrowedchief; Moderators were able to get new avatars. Although borrowedchief left his up to a public vote. Careful what you wish for! [url=]Community Halo Emblem Avatar Day - 3/30/12 [Supporters in OP] [/url]- Lobster Fish 2; Community monument to the release of Halo keys to 343 Industries. Switch your avatars! [url=]Pimps at Sea v 8.2 has risen from the frothy depths. 33% more hos![/url] - prometheus25; You thoughts you had enough with Pimps at Sea? Think again. Play the game now! [url=]What Dr. Bunsen Honeydew's real reason is for working at Bungie[/url] - Dr Syx; Don't mess with the Bunsen. [url=]Is join date any indication of age? (Experiment Inside)[/url] - xNUMBERx1xGUNx; Where there is darkness to be filled, odd experiments are very likely. [url=]Destiny Discussion: Keeping things in Perspective[/url] - Hylebos; After months of blabbering Hyle to get this thread done, it proved to be one of the best discussions in all of 2012. 20,000 characters = Hyle thread. [url=] History: A Blast From The Past (Now with More Awesomeness!)[/url] - Bricypoo; An excellent thread with handfuls of old links to articles, interviews, blogs reviews and speculation with anything from Bungie Lore to how to pick your username.[/quote] [b][u]THE BAD[/u][/b] [quote][url=]applying to become a mod[/url] - Jace Beleren; Is there such a way? Perhaps an application to become a moderator was present. Look here! [url=]Request a ban on a Mythic Member[/url] - DeeJ; After an initial joke by Hylebos, Spawn and Arbitor 5 of mass saving a thread that DeeJ made an error, this backfired as we're taking open nominations on Mythic Members to get banned. [url=]Urk has been lying to us[/url] - Primo84; Urk is definitely not the man he says he is. All of this theorizing on seeing him on TV, it's not what you think. [url=]Posting helpful topics in the Community Forum[/url] - CAVX; While it may seem dull, you can literally lay out 90% of threads using this helpful guide. If you aren't sure on how to make a thread, look to CAVX for advice! [url=]My Gawd...Batman Works At Bungie?!?![/url] - HOOBLA 911; Hoobla makes another thread with pictures. It's gets cookie with the debate after the recent released Dark Knight movie. [url=]I have cracked the code[/url] - spawn031; Upon Bungie day, the community speculated about 7 symbols at the bottom of the page update. [/quote] [u][b]...AND THE UGLY[/b][/u] [quote][url=]Forum ninja application?[/url] - OMARRCHR; A continuation of Foman's massacre of private information. More applications plse. [url=]******* from Erie, PA, I met your mom![/url] - bobcast; 5 star dating advice from bobcast. Pro tip: Don't let him find your mother. [url=]Does anyone else...[/url] - ankor66; U MAD BRO? [Triple Employee Post!] [url=]Vote for your favorite submission to the Bungie Book Club![/url] - DeeJ; Alts, alts and more alts. Foman receives his first ban in a long time! [url=]Who wins the Historic Fiction contest?[/url] - DeeJ; Talk about a public delema of chaos. This had multiple private groups at their throats voting for a T Shirt that was cut in half. A T SHIRT. [url=]A question for you clods[/url] - l Supertramp l; Ninjas can't really edit others posts can they? Maybe they're just having too much fun here.[/quote] [u][b]Conclusion and Special Thanks[/b]: [/u] I'd like to thank Hylebos, Lord of Blah, burritosenior, Waffle, ECOH Cam, Helveck, SkilPhil, Arbitor 5, Tom T, Spartan1065, Kickimanjaro, and everyone else at Bnet Regulars for compiling this information. There is no way I could have done this on my own and I won't take credit for all of it. I'd also like to thank the Bungie Community (Yes, YOU!) for making these moments happen. None of these memories would have happened if it wasn't for us. Let's send out 2012, with a bang. Here's to 2013! *Raises drink*

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