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12/28/2012 7:01:35 PM

Community Joe Interview - ARBITOR 5

[quote][url=]ARBITOR 5[/url][/quote] Most of us have seen him around the forums and in various groups. But do you know the real ARBITOR 5? [quote][b]Q: Let's go with something easy, who are you? Where do you live and what is it you do for a living?[/b][/quote] [b]A:[/b] Well, it feels rather odd this way round but my name is Harry and I proudly live in the United Kingdom, Sussex to be exact. I finished college this year and managed to grab a job down my road at a shop. Last month however, I asked/was offered a job at the Red Cross as an Assistant Manager. It's a great job, it's rewarding and fun. [quote][b]Q: Assistant Manager at the Red Cross? Wow. Must feel great contributing back to society in such a postive manner. That's all fine and dandy, but none of that explains the username. Where did the online identity known as "ARBITOR 5" come from?[/b][/quote] [b]A: [/b]Yeah, it's a pretty cool feeling. Hah, er, about my username. Back in 2008 my brother set up and paid for my Xbox Live account. He asked what I wanted my username to be; 'Arbiter 5' after the Arbiter from Halo 2. Stupidly though, he (yes he, not me) spelt it wrong and so i've stuck with it ever since. Five is my favorite number so I told him to stick that on the end. [quote][b]Q: I always thought it was because someone else took "Arbiter". It's still a pretty original username, despite the spelling error. While were on the topic of Halo and it's original developer, "Bungie", what was the first title you picked up from them and how did you get into it?[/b][/quote] [b]A: [/b]I'm not like most of the other members on, everyone seems to go way back to games like Halo: CE and Marathon ect. The first game that I played was Halo 2! My brother got it for christmas in 2004 or 2005, we had no idea what the heck it was about and who this 'chap' was on the front cover. I have to say though, we never stopped playing Halo 2 on his account until Halo 3 was released. I find it odd though how we never thought about looking up Halo: CE! [quote][b]Q: So you've never played Halo: CE? Burn the heretic! Haha...only joking. So, besides gaming and you Assistant Managerr job at Red Cross, do you have time for other hobbies or interests?[/b][/quote] [b]A: [/b]Oh, I have played it now, but that wasn't until 2008/9. In my free time (when I get it) I like to create things in photoshop, my parents said I should have taken a graphics course but when do you ever listen to your parents at 19? I like to take photos like [url=]this[/url] and [url=]this[/url], mostly with my iPhone 4S. I actually enjoy volunteering too, I think i've racked up a total of 400-500 hours since 2008. [quote][b]Q: A frequent volunteer who enjoys Photoshop. At least you're doing something productive outside of work. Your many hours of volunteer service are surely very appreciated in your community. When did you find out about Bnet and why did you get involved with the site?[/b][/quote] [b]A: [/b]I set up my account for my Halo 3 stats, I did used to lurk once a month in 2008 and 2009. I didn't start posting until late 2009/2010 though. I was a Halo fan from 2004-2012 and a Bungie Fan from 2010+. So, really i'm a young'n. [quote][b]Q: You say you "were" a Halo fan from 2004-2012. Does that mean that the newest installation to the Halo series didn't peak your interest? What are your thoughts on the new Halo game from 343 Industries?[/b][/quote] [b]A:[/b] Eh, i'm not a great fan of Halo anymore. I lost interest after Halo 3 ODST, Halo: Reach and Halo 4 just never.. hooked me. I have and always will play each Halo games campaign though. Who wouldn't? [quote][b]Q: That's a good point. Despite the gameplay and mutliplayer aspects of the game, Halo has a unique story and should be enjoyed without worrying too much about the "hook" aspect of the game itself. Are there any community projects that you have affiliated yourself with on Bnet?[/b][/quote] [b]A: [/b]A few I guess. I'll just say a few names; Community Joes, FAQ, i've sent in quite a few avatars, group themes and skins. I'm also an Admin on [url=]Bungiepedia[/url] and I run the official [url=]Destinypedia[/url]. I run a blog called [url=]''[/url] and add stuff to [url=]my website[/url] like Coup D Bungie themes and Iphone wallpapers. [quote][b]Q: I see you're quite the involved individual in the Septagon Community. I think it's amazing you find the time to volunteer in your community, play video games, and involve yourself in an online community, all the while working as an Assistant Manager for Red Cross. I have a community question here from defnop552. He asks, "What was the greatest moment of your life?"[/b][/quote] [b]A: [/b]Yeah, it's quite a challenge to squeeze everything in, but I manage.. somehow! I can't decide. It's either when I was awarded a shield for being the runner up of 'Cadet of the Year' in 2011, or when I was promoted to senior cadet or [url=]'sgt'[/url] last year. That's a really tough question, i'll stick with them for now. [quote][b]Q: Both of those are quite the achievements! But you've still got the rest of your life ahead of you and I'm sure there will be more great moments to live and cherish about in the future. Well, it's been great getting to know you through this interview. We've reached the conclusion of the interview. If you have any shout-outs you would like to make, now is the time to go nuts![/b][/quote] [b]A: [/b]Well, sorry if I miss you, Ali, Tom, Cadet, Spawn, ECOH Cam, Duardo, Foman, Samdaman, camcam, 7taco, CTN04529, zoob, archangle, Hylebos, silver bullet, helveck and dmg <3. Thanks for making an enjoyable place to stay. [quote]Interview by ECOH Cam | [url=]Community Joes[/url] | Admin Joe[/quote]

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