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12/27/2012 10:25:14 PM

Halo 3 Custom Games Throwback

Hello Bungie community! I haven't posted on here for a while so bear with me. There is a problem I, and many others have encountered with Halo 4 and a little bit in reach. There is no good [b] CUSTOM GAMES! [/b] In halo 3 there were custom games that were so fun i would stay up with a full party playing all night. Those fun games include: -Fat kid -Predator Prey -smeer the -blam!- -all those crazy fun maps that had a slow strong zombie and a map that had levels that would open up after a set time limit -kill the president (calm down FBI its halo) -obstacle jumping course -lava monster etc.. The reason these games were so fun was because the Forge allowed some awesome player customization. This feature is severely lacking in halo 4. Halo 4 has yet to give us any good forge maps like there was in halo 3 and reach. Halo 3 had sandbox and foundry, reach had forgeworld. I know there are others out there missing the fun times in Halo 3 so i am proposing a Throw back event. We will gather tons of people, guests, friends, everyone, and play all those custom games again! But that's not all. I'm also proposing we can also get together in Halo 4 and somehow recreate this games in its forge if possible with the restricted forge that it has. The goals are 1. to have fun (obviously) 2. Raise awareness to 343 that they need to give halo 4 a better custom games environment by improving its forge and ability to edit player and zombie traits. I'm hoping that we can all get together this weekend starting friday evening 12/28 and last until 343 is aware! (or until the following monday when we go to work). If you are interested in helping me find more people that would like to play please Add Patrick750 and send me messages. I also don't have any of the maps or gametypes that were popular in H3 (small hardrive...) so I would need someone who does. Come on guys we can have fun in custom games like we did in H3 once again!!! so here are the final details When: Friday 12/28 - 12/31 or indefinitely Where: H3 for custom games madness. Why: Fun and awareness. 343 link [Edited on 12.27.2012 12:21 PM PST]

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