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12/22/2012 10:44:46 PM

PSA: We've All Been New.

We've all been new, it's no secret. We all know the feeling of arriving at a mysterious new place, knowing nothing about it, and knowing no one. It is a very uncomfortable feeling. This happens right here on I know when I first started posting I didn't have any idea what was going on, and I'm still fairly new here. I think that we tend to push new members away here and I think we also tend to exclude them as well. I believe this has to change. We were all new once and how great would it have been for someone to reach out to you and give you some advice or even invite you to their private group so you could make some friends on this site? As it is right now there are very few brand new members but soon I think we can all agree that there is going to be a ton more. If someone post a thread here and it's obvious that they have no idea what's going on and it's also obvious that they're new here, don't ridicule them. Help them out and offer some advice. I'm not asking you all to be fake and wear a mask that has a smile, I'm just asking that you try to be a little more understanding with new folk. [i]If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all[/i]. I'm not saying that we're a bunch of jerks, because we're not. Most people here are pretty cool members, but there are some jerks here.I'm also not saying that I am innocent, because I'm not. I have been a jerk before and I regret it, but I want to give new members a better experience than I had. I was banned A LOT. I don't want new members to go through that.I'm sure you're wondering exactly what I'm asking of you all, right? Well, all I'm requesting of everyone is that you all try to lend new members a hand.If they post something in the wrong forum, don't go off on them. Simply direct them to the right forum in the post or even PM them. See a new member going down the wrong path in the flood (spamming, being a jerk, etc)? PM them and at least try to guide them. Most will refuse but some will listen, and that's all that matters. You can't help them all, but you can help some. Simple stuff like that would be cool, but what would be great? It would be great to see members of our community take some new members under their wing and bring them to their private groups or into their social circles to make friends. I would like to see become a much more welcoming place. That's all. Could you do that? I may not be a veteran of this place but I know I'm going to try my best and I hope you all do the same. ITT: Discuss things that would have helped you when you were a new member here. TL;DR: Be nice to the newbies, mmkay? [Edited on 12.22.2012 2:49 PM PST]

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