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12/14/2012 12:43:27 AM

Help with my College Application essay (long read

Thanks for spellchecking everything, this is application to University of Souther California by the way ----- So I've been trying to hang out with this girl for a while and she buckled last Friday. I don't have a phone so it's been difficult, but Facebook helps a lot. This is also my first date after having my truck. Facebook Conversation So it's raining, 8:00 and still light out! She jumps in my passenger looking cute as fuark. Gotta love it when a girl knows how to dress. My truck feels like a cozy cabin, the car could break down in the rain and it'd be I drove to the theatre knowing that movie dates aren't all that great. For real though, there's been -blam!- tension between me and her for a while, I feel really comfortable anyway. She's one of those outgoing quirky personalities, I'm no match for those kinds of girls. Love them to death. I think it's because I'm more shy and calm. Alicia's on the dance team so ----> great body and nice personality = happiness We're in line, she's pretending to check out other guys, I'm checking out other girls, just doing immature chit I guess haha. She squeezes my hand as soon as we're in the movies and I'm thinking game! Tbh I'm not a huge fan of the Paranormal Activity series but we makeout during every scary scene. I'm telling you guys that first kiss felt so natural, I feel like I've known this girl forever! I've never had a girl nip on my lips this softly while doing so much damage. My pants were throbbing seriously. I'm like man this is weird... she is younger but I get the impression she's more experienced than I am. She seems in control while I'm falling apart in ecstasy. I remembered my first 8th grade girlfriend, man I start playing with those jeans like it's going out of style. Now it's a full out power struggle, let me tell you guys there's nothing hotter than a girl suppressing her moans in a full movie theatre. Maybe there's hotter things but I can't think of anything else atm hahah I'm stuck in my head, because I'm also thinking, what's going to happen back in the truck? Is tonight the night or am I getting LMR bs? She's not holding back at all, but I like this girl more than I thought I would and I'd be satisfied with a kiss at the door. Strong ONEITIS, I hope not, this feels different. Paranormal Activity 3 actually has a storyline unlike the other two films, but that doesn't save it from being terrible. The film ruined an hour into it, and I'm enjoying my tongue sucked as the lights slowly fade in. LOL, I'm just like is this real life? Can't even believe the film stopped working, we leave with our free coupons anyway. There's another showing in a bit but I'm just like fck that. She is really turned on by my alpha decision-making. Feelsgoodman. It is POURING outside. My favorite weather but I parked a little far. We do the romantic run-to-the-parking-lot, felt kind of -blam!- doing that but whatever. I decide hot cocao from Starbucks sounds nice. --------------------------------------------------------------- Long story short, we get lost! I'm not feeling macho anymore, more like a -blam!-ty driver. "So, what do we do now?" HHHNNNNNNNNNGGG Can a girl really be that sexy. I'm freaking out thinking I'm not worthy. Remember the girl from Thriller? That's exactly what she sounded like. Devil smirk. Doggy dinner bowl. All that -blam!- in a single second.... for a few seconds I remember that I'm just a phag who browses internet dating forums, and realize she's a very attractive girl. She had taken off her jacket earlier and looked postcard-perfect sitting in my passenger seat with the heater on. Just let me play music while I think of a place to eat. (also this b*tch has the nerve to call my heater a piece of crap) I play Marvin -blam!-e - I Want You She gets this incredulous look and I immediately tell her hey, I'm not giving it up on the first date so don't think I'm easy; I'm not a piece of meat ok, I just love my music. Ok good, she's laughing and I'm not a phaggot. Hopefully. "it's not that, my dad used to play Marvin -blam!-e when I was little." Wow....a girl who recognizes 70's? I'm done for. We've been parked for ten minutes now, and staring at each other for probably half the time. She insults my heater again and I move over to share the passenger seat. My heart is really beating now. I recline the seat way back and we're both laying on it while rain pounds the windows; I'm not looking at her at all, just busy on her iPhone, getting directions. I remember reading an article here stating that you could get face to face with your girl without it being awkward, as long as you didn't make eye contact. Didn't seem to matter, this girl's rubbing me and sucking off my neck. No joke guys, I go comatose and don't know what to do. I keep playing with the iPhone, stalling basically! I can't help acting like that sometimes it's like I just freeze up. She grabs her phone and tosses it. (too hot...) She kind of rolls on top of me and we're making out. Asks, "do you have any protection" and I kind of laugh and say check the cup holders. They open out, and she pulls out some "Trojan Ecstasys." This girl is like a wild animal now, srs....she rips the first condom and tears it in half, what a dumbass. I'm not a fan of TROJAN ECSTASY either. So damn thick, I can't feel a ****ing thing. But I'd probably *** anyway. I'm down to my shorts now and she pulls it out, and crap I'm self conscious about size. I'm 6" but still trip about the size. She doesn't even comment and slips in right in TBH I don't feel much, I'm just in awe at how hard she's ****ing me. 5'3 girl is pumping like no tomorrow, while some retarded **** plays in my brain. Like you know when you get a haircut, and the cutter is treating your head real rough? You laugh at how rough they are and hope you get a good haircut. Literally burst out laughing when I think that chit, and she gets embarrassed and thinks I'm laughing at her. I kiss her and tell her she's doing great, LOL. I was like, "Yes!" in my head, because I remembered to switch my iPod to crossfade. I loved the tracks that came on shuffle, John Legend, Curtis Mayfield, MJ. Doubt she cared about the music at all, lol. I could tell she was pumping to the rhythm though. (she's on the dance team afterall) Actually, "Rock With You" came on and she bit her lips and picked up the pace; other than that no comment. I'm not able to *** and I actually get soft. Just enjoying the atmosphere of the rain really. That and my awesome playlist! I turn her around and try to enter her from behind, on my knees. I'm a little to tall and am hitting my head on the roof, she's moaning pretty nicely though. Whatever, this continues for a while and I get tired from the stupid angle. Panting I pretend like I *** and take her home. You can PM me if you really want pics. I'm not really trying to get Misc Detected knamsain Nice Friday night.
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