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12/14/2012 12:35:40 AM

Halo 4 and its problems

They have a game named Halo 4 with a very strong core and a very nice netcode. Good Job! But, there are blatantly idiotic things in this game that makes me wonder "Why did they do this?" 1. DMR - This 3x weapon zoom BREAKS literally every map. This weapon has "STANDOFF" written all over it. How can a utility weapon have such control of the map? Let's imagine a map such as Ragnarok..... I can cross map people from a safe location, and get POWER WEAPONS without even moving. Why would I even touch the BR if the weapon can not cross map? If you wanted the DMR to be a far ranged weapon, 343 should at least have the knowledge to lower the bullet magnetism 2. Random Ordnance Drops - Tell me, who the hell thought of making RODs. Their thinking of how this helps new players is extremely wrong. When a new player finds a weapon on the map, he expects it to be at the same spot the next time it spawns. Why the hell do weapon drops need to be random? What good does it do? What balance does it bring? The fact is, it brings negative value to the game 3. Maps - In Halo 4, there are literally 3 4v4 maps that work: Haven, Solace, and Abandon... 343 make a map pack saying they wanted to fill a big void in big maps? BIG MAPS? They shipped 6 huge maps, and only 4 4v4 maps. I understand they are coming out with a map pack with small maps, but it's too damn late now. At least add forge maps into 4v4 slayer playlists. 4. Playlist Management - How did 343 expect the several objective playlists to survive on its own? They already removed KoTH, and Oddball has less than 2K players. 5. Can not turn off Sprint/Instant Spawn - I am sure Bravo has forced 343 to work on this problem, but why was this not available off of launch? Instant Spawn does not "speed" up the game. It BREAKS the game? This is not CoD where people die in 1 second. This is Halo, where shields recharge slowly and encounters take 2-3 seconds. 6. Flinch - Why the hell can we not get unscoped when zoomed? Once again, this is not CoD where flinch works. This is HALO. HALO AND CoD ARE TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GAMES. Flinch is extremely random and breaks the skill that comes in winning a battle from far range down two shots. 7. File Share - Why isn't File Share working? Halo 3 had a working file share system at 2007 Now I understand that I should post this in 343's forums, but I'm banned permanently. Add more problems that need to be addressed while this game has some life in it. Also, if you like fair, balanced settings, MLG will be coming out with a playlist soon which may include the 4sk BR. [Edited on 12.13.2012 4:43 PM PST]
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