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12/13/2012 10:00:46 PM

I pity & loathe fat peopl. -blam!- it, I hate American Society.

I pity them because I used to be a fat person, I'm still overweight, 180lbs at 5'10, but nowhere near as bad as I was years ago. I know what it is like being fat, and I know how hard it is to lose the fat. You eat because you're sad, you're sad because you're fat, you're fat because you eat. It's a vicious cycle. You try dieting and cardio for maybe a month or two and see little to no results and that kills any little amount of motivation you had left. Why try and fail and be miserable [i]all the time[/i], when you can just not try and keep eatng and just be miserable [i]most[/i] of the time? I pity fat people, but I also get angry over them. They waste precious resources and are able to contribute less to society if their field of work requires physical activity and/or labor. Then you have extreme cases where they eat themselves into failing health or debilitating conditions and we non-fat people have to help pay their way with health care costs through government subsidaries because they are unable to work. Then because they are unable to work, and they've essentially lost all will to change, they [i]continue[/i] to eat, [i]wasting[/i] resources, and continue to kill themselves. I thought suicide was illegal? Still, through my anger, I realize in most cases it is not the fatties who should be blamed for their fatness, it is us, non-fatties, or the majority of us anyway, and our wretched societies, especially the despicable and disgusting American Society. Glorifying the skinny, the rich, the internally ugly. Ruled, controlled, and guided by the greedy and hateful. The American population nearly as a whole is brainwashed by these people to idolize consumerism. [b]"Who cares how some 8 year old in a random 3rd world country sewing your Nike shoes suffers? Who cares what forest is being destroyed? It doesn't matter that [i]another[/i] species is being pushed to the brink of extinction, or worse. The environment; our [i]planet[/i] doesn't matter! Global Warming? Polar ice caps shrinking by the year? So? I'm not going to waste time recycling when I could be first in line for the new iPad! I know I already have one, but this version is [i]smaller[/i]! Doesn't that just blow your mind!? -blam!- everything else, I just need the coolest, most expensive new product, [i]just because[/i]!"[/b] Damn, fat people, the greedy bastards, the mindless drones, the wasteful, the inconsiderate and hurtful [i]'people'[/i]. [i]Humans...[/i] I hate us all. [i]Yes[/i], that includes myself. Et toi? [i]Thoughts?[/i] On what I wrote and mentioned. Do you agree? [i]EDIT:[/i] To whoever it was, 2nd or 3rd post, whoever, that said they didn't even read this because it's probably a copy pasta, it's not. Also, I'm not trying to [i]'find meaning in life'[/i]. Why would I? That would be a waste as in my opinion, their is no meaning to find, but that could lead to an area of discussion that is prohibited on this site, so let's not go there. Thanks. [i]EDIT:[/i] Hey, look! Another reason to despise humanity! I don't know what to say, but my thoughts are with the family and friends of the deceased in Sandy Hook. I hope nobody on the Flood is connected to this incident. [Edited on 12.14.2012 1:55 PM PST]
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