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12/13/2012 7:23:06 AM

Halo 4 population under 100k: The death of Halo?

[url][/url] Well, I just want to go on a short rant. This game needs a TU. For one, killcams are wrong far too often to have any reason to keep them in game. Even worse, hit detection & lag is so bad you may get two hitmarkers and die to a sniper, only to see that in the killcam my shot didn't even go off. It's the kind of thing you expect in an Infinity Ward game, but not in Halo. According to I have 40 down and 30 up which is within average for middle class Americans so it's not my internet here. The game has more false hits/lag than Reach and even more than Halo 3 back in its prime (halo 3 has far more lag now due to low population and increased foreigners for all). I've had less issues with false hit detection in Black Ops 2 than Halo 4. That needs to be fixed. I'm too tired to full on rant, but that's the major issue for me gameplay wise. Otherwise I love the gunplay and game physics. Some of the maps seem good and some seem bad, but I can't tell if it's only because of bad initial spawns and dynamic/ordinance spawning or if it actually a bad map in itself. [b]Other major halo 4 issues that need to be fixed*:[/b] -The inability to search for a file with the tag system -Spartan Ops is too repetitive, needs unique locations, and the missions seem to have little to no relation to the storyline cutscenes. Personally, I'd rather have ODST Firefight or [b]REAL[/b] DLC Campaign than Spartan Ops in its current state -Lack of customization options in Custom Games Settings -The lack of precision when using LB/RB in Forge and barely increased budget, also lighting issues on 2 out of 3 of the forge environments -Lack of a classic playlist/slayer pro is bad because of join in progress and dynamic spawning -The terrible DLC achievements...seriously several of them are ridiculous and you almost have to boost them in a full party lobby in order to get them. *from highest to lowest priority [Edited on 12.12.2012 11:24 PM PST]

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