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12/13/2012 4:53:34 AM

Ugh. How stupid is bottled water to you?

Before... We turned on the tap, and we drank from it. Now.... Think about this. Something you could get for FREE... originally... Now... Someone, some company in North Dakota, turns on some sort of tap, PUTS IT IN A PLASTIC BOTTLE, AND SELLS IT TO YOU! RIDICULOUS! The stupidity of bottled water! Okay, for those who believe it's convenient... Buy ONE bottle of bottled water. Drink it. Fill it with water from home. Drink it. Reuse. For those who are concerned with the water supply- It's easy to do a quick check on your water quality on the internet, or just by buying a cheap testing kit if you want to. Most people just don't know how good their water is. It's most likely better than you think. I'm taking a more moderate stance, but please, watch this. [url][/url] [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] FLpump I buy bottled for conviences because I'm not a poor bum like you OP [/quote] You would certainly know I'm a poor bum. However I certainly know a stupid person would buy A BOTTLE OF WATER instead of TURNING ON THE TAP, AND PUTTING WHAT COMES OUT IN A DIFFERENT BOTTLE [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] Bobby Hill Some water(Such as that near sludge ponds from coal mining) is not safe enough to drink even with a filter, so bottled water is good if you are in a situation like that.[/quote] That would be a clear exception. Yes. However, living off of bottled water isn't the way to go, you would then have to shower with bottled water as all sources are contaminated, and the best idea would be to bring out a lawyer. [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] General Dripik OP you know there is Iron in tap water right? And you know that forms Kidney stones right? And you know people say Kidney stones are worse then childbirth....right?[/quote] I'm not sure you know what kidney stones are, but ANYWAYS- Please read the entire post. I think it was addressed in one of the replies at the bottom of my OP. And yes, yes, you fact boys can line up, just like at the supermarket and roll your tongue out and give me ALLLLLLLLL of those pesky evildoing elements, starting from "DID YOU KNOW THERE IS HYDROGEN HELIUM LITHIUM BERYLLIUM BORON CARBON NITROGEN OXYGEN FLORINE NEON SODIUM MAGNESIUM ALUMINUM SILICON PHOSPHORUS SULFUR CHLORINE ARGON POTASSIUM CALCIUM SCANDIUM TITANIUM VANADIUM CHROMIUM MANGANESE IRON COBALT NICKEL COPPER ZINC GALLIUM GERMANIUM ARSENIC AND SELENIUM OH GOD! BE CAREFUL OUT DERE MAH BOI!" [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] Murcielago00 Tap water is regulated by the EPA which has stricter standards than the FDA, which regulates bottled water. So, I'll stick with tap water.[/quote] Thank you. However there are exceptions. Unless the water that comes out of your tap is [u]significantly[/u] harmful (paranoia does NOT count), the water CANNOT be filtered, OR bringing a water bottle is not an option and for simplicity's sake you just purchased one at the supermarket which is completely okay, YOU DO NOT NEED WATER PUT IN A BOTTLE. Issues with your water such as fracking contamination? Does your water explode when you look at it? Does it turn purple when you mix it with toothpaste? You're definitely an exception. Many of you people are clearly exceptions. Exempt yourselves, you all have the common sense to do so. Living on an earthquake fault line is clearly an exception. [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] YouAreBlinking It's useful for when there's no running water. Dumbass.[/quote] Some of you clearly don't understand what the word exception means. Please google it. And yes, bottled water sure does taste better. So does lemon water, lemon juice, coconut water, starbucks drinks, soft drinks, sugar water, more lemon water, pumpkin water, melon water, sour water, green water, and purple water. [Edited on 12.13.2012 6:01 PM PST]
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