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12/12/2012 3:26:03 AM

Back to 3each.

Please, I understand that to some of you, this does not apply. I respect all opinions, and I am simply stating this for the benefit of those who agree with me. So, thank you. It's rather clear there are a number of people who don't really enjoy Halo 4. That is not implying anything negative. I am writing this thread to for a back to 3each movement, back to Halo: 3 or Reach. I am somewhat sad that I believe Halo: Reach will be the last thrill of old gaming as only destiny awaits. I'm sad that I simply cannot enjoy Halo 4's multiplayer, so I've went back to Reach. This thread is based on the idea that there are some of you who don't enjoy Halo 4 but play it, and if you go back, the game is still fine. Perfectly fine, and it's just as fun as you remember. All the old times, and all the same fun. The lobbies aren't empty, and people will be there when you go back. Depending on everyone's input, I want this thread to leave the decision of going back to Halo 3 or Halo: Reach up to you, or if at all. So, Halo 3 and Halo: Reach are Bungie's last games (with multiplayer servers still up and running), I think we should enjoy them while they last, especially Halo 3. As for me, I'm back on Reach, however if I see a lot of people willing to put in the Halo 3 disc, I definitely will as well. I believe the same should apply for you. I'm especially having a lot of fun with a friend I know on double team. The search times for double team are great, as you only have to find two people. As for big team battle, I can't tell any difference between game finding times pre-Halo 4 launch and after Halo 4's launch, so rest assured, the playlists are all still safe. So please, if you're one of the people that have returned to 3each, I think you should support this Bungie game based movement for some of us who want to go back but simply aren't sure. For those who enjoy Halo 4, please, continue to enjoy it, it's still Halo. And we welcome you back to 3each anytime. [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] EAGLES5 You would probaly have better luck posting this in a more relevant forum.[/quote] I think I have good ambiguity on my side. This is for the community, I understand why it might go in the flood, but just because it has Halo 4 in its discussion, does not make it Halo 4/flood related. It's got the community effort, community binding element in it, I think. [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] EZcompany2ndsqd [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] EAGLES5 You would probaly have better luck posting this in a more relevant forum.[/quote] Yeah this might be better suited for the Reach or Halo 3 forums and maybe the Bungie universe. But if its fine then its fine. OP: I will continue to play Halo 3 and reach, they are both great games and my love and respect for Bungie will never die out, no matter whos hands the games are now in.[/quote] Even if I proposed just for everyone to return to Reach, I'll be honest, I doubt it belongs there. This thread really doesn't discuss anything about the game itself, if at all other than mentioning the name. Thanks for your input. [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] MetalxTongue This best suited for the classifieds or the reach forums, you are basically recruiting.[/quote] OKAY.... CLASSIFIEDS, THAT'S DOUBTLESS QUITE A STRETCH... Can we just stay on topic until a mod drives by and makes the decision to burn down my thread or not? -_- [Edited on 12.11.2012 8:00 PM PST]

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