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12/5/2012 3:50:32 PM

Teleporters, Portals, and Slipstream in Halo:

Teleporters, portals and slipstream; extraordinary means of transportation, we've come across a bit of each, but what are their [i]laws[/i], who is capable of it, and what are their limitations? Here's an attempt to list them all: [b][i]Green Doors[/i][/b]: A surface of [i]energy[/i] the shape of a rectangle, held up by a typical Forerunner metal frame. Seen only in the multiplayer levels of Combat Evolved. [b]Yellow teleportation[/b]: A yellow rise of [i]energy[/i] engulfs the one being transported. Is it just me or does it look like they shrink when they're teleported away, and return to size at arrival? Seen in CE and 2, used by Cortana, Gravemind (possibly through 2401PT), 343GS, and Regret. In CE, Cortana explains that there's a teleportation grid that runs throughout the Halo, she learned how to use it. The exact device is unknown, and its limitations are too, but it was capable of teleporting the Master Chief to High Charity; a location near, but not on/in the ring itself. [b]Slipstream portal:[/b] As I see it there are a handful of them. The Covenant uses one that opens up momentarily and then closes, and so does the Forerunner Key ship. Then we've got the stable portal that's held open by a Forerunner device, the Ark portal for instance. Both portals are spherical. The UNSC also use slipstream but it is less advanced. [b]Green [i]electricity[/i] teleporters[/b]: A device consisting of basically two triangular platforms, ca three meters apart, emiting a green stream of something reminiscent of lightning between each other. After CE, this is how they've reoccur. Found only in multiplayer. [b]Blue teleporters[/b]: These are seen on some of the later multiplayer maps in Halo 3, and also in Reach and Halo 4. Works exactly like the green one. [b]The Onyx portal:[/b] This one is at the moment one of the kind. Desribed as a bright silver flat surface, like a lake IIRC (should have revisited it). [b]Blue, round, swirling portals:[/b] These were first introduced in Halo 4, maybe described in Cryptum or Primordium, but I haven't noticed. They're held up by a frame. [b]Promethean teleport:[/b] This one is [i]bound[/i] to a unit. When activated, it looks like the Promethean is sucked into a little blue ball of energy. The process is reverced when they reappear. If you come up with something I've missed, do tell. :) Did Cryptum and Onyx describe something else? [quote][/quote]What are the [i]laws[/i] surrounding these methods of transportation within the Haloverse, are there limitations? Are you more comfortable with a consistent technology, or are you more excited to see new methods, depending on what drives the plot, etc? How have you come to interpret them? Example: are the teleporters in multiplayer canon? Extraordinary means of transportation within the Haloverse, let's discuss them! [Edited on 12.06.2012 9:25 AM PST]

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