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12/2/2012 6:12:03 PM

I propose an allegiance - DESTINY - The Traveler:

[quote]Intent:[/quote]This thread is dedicated to [i][b]The Traveler[/i][/b]. Here we store all the information we can find on it and discuss what we've found. [quote]What we've got:[/quote] [url=]Picture of The Traveler[/url], [url=]far[/url] (concept art/proof of concept). [url=]Dead Orbit[/url] (official logo/possible connection). [url=]First known sighting[/url] (Halo 3: Orbital Drop Shock Trooper) ~ [b]Misriah Solutions[/b] [i]"A massive, mysterious alien ship hangs overhead like a second Moon. No one knows where it came from or what it's here for, but only that it's our protector."[/i] ~ [url=]Source[/url] [b][i]Bungie has confirmed to Kotaku that the document and some of the art is genuine, and is somewhat representative of the game.[/i][/b] ~ [url=]Kotaku/Source[/url] Questions: How do they know it is their protector? Is it a bit worn out, or is that just the art being indistinct? Where does it state that the [i]planetoid[/i] is called [i]"The Traveler"[/i]? What is it capable of in terms of combat, offensive/defensive? [b]Note:[/b] the above questions might already be solved. Will update when new information is available. [quote]The Allegiance:[/quote] In order to avoid confusion and make the discussion on the subject more efficient, I hope to make this a [i]sibling[/i] to some of the other Destiny related threads. I've taken the freedom to suggest who might be willing enter this allegiance by linking some of the more [i]proficient[/i] threads on what might be core elements of Destiny? Hope you don't mind: [quote] [b]The Traveler:[/b] [url=]DESTINY - The Traveler[/url] ~ [b]Janaka[/b] [b]The [i]Legged Tank[/i]:[/b] [url=] Let's have a chat about Walking Tanks[/url] ~ [b]Hylebos[/b] [b]Joyeuse:[/b] [url=]The Joyeuse IP Formula[/url] ~ [b]Cortana 5[/b] [b]Geography:[/b] [url=]My God, It's Full of Stars - The Destiny Map[/url] ~ [b]SonicJohn[/b] [b]The Last City on Earth:[/b] Needs thread... [b]Enemies/Monsters/Aliens:[/b] [b]The Kinghts:[/b] [b]The [i]Grey Hovering Orb[/i]:[/b] Needs thread? [b]The Leak:[/b] [url=]Whoa, what just happened?[/url] ~ [b]SonOfTheShire[/b] [b]Suggestions?[/b] [/quote] [b]The Traveler[/b], what is its purpose, what are your theories, found something notable, or do you have an important questions to add? As I see it, this could very well be the Mendicant Bias of the series. [Edited on 12.03.2012 1:23 AM PST]

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