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12/2/2012 1:41:36 AM

Halo REach is garbage !!! Stupid kids cheat!

really half -blam!- ass kids half have aim bot and its easy to tell because every one i 1v1 each different kid got the same drm hits at the same spot same place. impossible then after couple hours piss them off more there body or dmr starts glitching and it wasn't even lagging or red bar it was 100%percent green with no lag. don't get me started on -blam!-s that hack your router even though its protected they are still able to lag switch your router. halo reach community go -blam!- yourself because you kids are the no life losers cheaters in hole -blam!- world -_-. don't worry dumbass 20-17 years old you be going to jail after find your mod chip or hacking programs i can't wait or less you get internet taken away never be able to use it. thanks you no life loser that love cheat in every dam game ruined it for every dam player that actually plays fair -.- so yeah i hope you jack ass go to jail. thanks a lot you know what -blam!- halo 4 and halo reach because you can't even enjoy it or be the best player with the mod or hacking -blam!- that is going on. if someone hackes my god dam router again i am going record it get your -blam!- ip address send you jack ass to jail or tell cops you lose power to use internet banned for using it then go to jail. this is annoying trying to enjoy a video game be good at it but its -blam!- impossible when we got you hacking low life losers that don't even try be good at the game and cheat like -blam!- saying o yeah i am back ass when you just use mod controller or mod program . i am done with halo4 and reach -blam!- you low life losers that got cheat in almost every dam game that's online you make me sick & i hope the dam cops find your ass take you to jail cheating online. if you cheat offline then who cares its not against other players that actually try playing the -blam!- dam game seriously stop being no life cheaters to make yourself feel better when you just blow ass in the game. 1 more dam kid hacks my -blam!- router lags it is going to jail so i dare your dumbass lag mother-blam!- because i record it show proof that you're using program that is against dam law so beware and i am pissed -blam!- off not playing no more take ass court to jail. who every want to test me then go ahead because your ass will be in jail or i pick that you will have no access to the internet or you will go to jail. whoever wants test this -blam!- lag my router in a game see what happens you be having cops at your -blam!- door knock to look through your computer so bewared i am sick of kids i don't care if live other state i call your state cops to check your -blam!- [Edited on 12.01.2012 5:41 PM PST]
#Halo #Reach

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