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11/30/2012 6:50:04 PM

Community Joe Interview: joe campbell

[quote][url=]joe campbell[/url][/quote]The 4th Season of Community Joes has begun! We're going to start off with Joe Campbell who is a very notable Member of the Community, who hasn't seen him post in the forums? [quote][b]Q: Let's start off easy, who are you and where are you from?[/b][/quote][b]A:[/b] My name is Joe Campbell, also known as Agent Windex. I am from a very small town in northeastern Ohio. [quote][b]Q: I always wondered about whether or not that was your real name. What do you do for a living in "a very small town" in Ohio?[/b][/quote][b]A:[/b] Well right now I am a freshman at Baldwin Wallace University majoring in chemistry and minoring in Spanish(both subject to change). During the summer I work at a local grocery store, unfortunately. [quote][b]Q: Chemistry and Spanish seems like an odd combination for college. But it's always good to be bilingual and it gives you an edge on the competition. I know you might change paths in the future, but what made you get into Chemistry as your major?[/b][/quote][b]A:[/b] Well, my long-term goal is to attend grad school to get a degree in pharmacy, but this plan is definitely not set in stone. Science has always been interesting to me, so I figured I might as well make a career out of it. Also, chemistry related jobs are a growing field so I will hopefully be able to get a good job right out of college! The main reason I took Spanish this year is because I plan to study abroad next year in Ecuador or Costa Rica. Being able to communicate with my host family will definitely be helpful. [quote][b]Q: And I'm sure you'll find a job with no trouble. What was the first Bungie title you picked up and how did you get into it?[/b][/quote][b]A:[/b] Halo CE, in Christmas of 2001 or 2002. It's hard to remember that long ago because I was so young. My aunt bought the game for me, not knowing anything about game ratings thankfully, to go along with my new Xbox I got that same Christmas. (Best Christmas ever, right?) I was basically the coolest kid on the block for having Halo, and 4 controllers. My best friends at the time would come over every weekend, and we would play Co-op campaign all night for hours on end, drinking redbulls to assure we get in as much play time as possible. Since co-op only supported 2 players, we had a system where we we had to give up the controller if one of us died. Those nights were probably the happiest I've ever been and ever will be. It as so much fun, and it brings so much nostalgia by even thinking about it. And that never really ended. My love for Halo has never left and never will leave. But of course, I'm a Bungie fan as much as I am a Halo fan. [quote][b]Q: Kids hyped up on Redbull playing a game not age-appropriate for them to even be watching. You must have been a favorite among the parents. I remember the co-op days before XBL came into play. We would all anxiously wait for our swap partner to die so we could have a chance to play. What aspects of gaming do you enjoy these days?[/b][/quote][b]A:[/b] Well, competitive gaming was my passion for a really long time. I used to play in tournaments and MLG gamebattles during the Halo 3 days. (Shout out to my old BFP clan members!) Lately, I've only been a casual gamer. Having a job and school makes it hard to be able to play video games as much as I'd like to. I may get back into competitive gaming once Halo 4 comes out, though. And we'll see what Destiny has to offer. [quote][b]Q: With all the new info out on Halo 4, I'm sure they will bring competitive gaming back to its former glory. Besides your job, school, and gaming, do you have any other hobbies or interests?[/b][/quote][b]A:[/b] Well I am a member of the table tennis club at my school, and will hopefully be participating in some tournaments later in the year. I also will be playing intramural basketball. In high school I played football and basketball, I still play basketball for fun often. Some other hobbies are watching awesome TV shows, such as Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Wilfred, listening to music all day long, reading, and traveling. [quote][b]Q: So you're an all-around sports guy. I'm more of a basketball guy myself, but it's good to be experienced in several different sports. Let's go back to your love for Halo. Just how much of a dedicated fan are? Are there any accomplishments or cool swag you've earned over the years?[/b][/quote][b]A:[/b] Well, one thing I wanted to talk about in this interview was my experience of being one of the final people to play Halo 2 on Xbox Live. As everyone here hopefully knows, Microsoft shut down all original Xbox servers on April 15, 2010. This obviously meant that Halo 2 matchmaking would no longer exist. So for the love of Halo 2, I wanted to make sure the game went out with a bang, and I told myself I would keep playing until the servers finally shut down. Little did I know that keeping my Xbox on would keep me connected to Xbox live. So, for 24 days after "the shutdown" I was able to keep playing Halo 2 via XBL with a small group of other dedicated Halo 2 players that also learned that they could stay connected. The group of people that stayed connected were referred to as the "[url=]Final 50[/url]" by a lot of people on the forums, but that number quickly dropped. On the 24th day of keeping my Xbox on, I had been kicked, I'm not too sure what exactly happened. I was the 2nd to last person to ever be able to play Halo 2 on XBL, the last person lagged out less than an hour later. The whole reason I did it was to pay my respects to Halo 2, and it was sort of a peaceful protest to Microsoft. I missed out on most of the Reach beta by doing this, but it was so worth it. [url=]Here is the thread with the whole story.[/url] Feel free to check it out. [quote][b]Q: I remember that whole fiasco. I remember getting online everyday and hearing from other friends that there were still people on Halo 2 weeks after the servers were "shut down". It is disappointing that they never gave us a bigger friends list. So how was the entire experience for you? How did you keep your Xbox going for so long without it overheating?[/b][/quote][b]A:[/b] Overall, it was just so much fun. I met some really cool people, I still play with some of them today. Having so many people root me on and support what I was doing was awesome. It's one of the best gaming memories I'll ever have. The whole reason reason they took down the Xbox original servers was to make room for bigger friends lists, over 2 years later there still hasn't been an update. But what's done is done. All I did was put a fan next to my xbox, and I made sure nobody in my house restarted the router. I don't know how I got so lucky, my internet connection back at home was not very good. [quote][b]Q: Well your dedication and luck did not go unnoticed. That much is evident from the numerous articles about the event. How do you feel about being so active on Bnet for so long?[/b][/quote][b]A:[/b] It's been a real good time. I created my account on while I was in my Halo PC phase, I had to ask a question about modding or something like that. Since then, the Bungie forums have been the main forums I visit on a daily/weekly basis, followed by Reddit and a couple others. I just like the community of people here, and I feel like I have a lot in common with them. It's crazy to think that I created my account over 5 years ago, time really does fly. I'm sure this account will have many more birthdays, too. [quote][b]Q: The community here makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside sometimes. Then other times you just want to slap it across the face and say "NO!". Well, it's been great chatting with you. This concludes the interview and if you want to shout-out to anyone, now's the time to go crazy.[/b][/quote][b]A:[/b] Thanks for the opportunity, I'm really glad I got to do this! Shoutout to all my Bnet friends (you know who you are), and shoutout to Bungie for being my favorite video game developer and for making my childhood awesome! [quote]Interview by ECOH Cam | [url=]Community Joes[/url] | Admin Joe[/quote]

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