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11/30/2012 1:10:47 AM

Could Destiny Be More Borderlands Than Halo?

Bungie has made it quite obvious that they intend to do something different. With past Bungie-made Halo games, Bungie attempted to do things previously unheard of in Halo games i.e an explorable New Mombasa, deeper character customization(Evident in cutscenes), and an emphasis on teamwork with both games. Something tells me that those games also served as the testing grounds for something much, much bigger than we're expecting. Perhaps the factions we've heard of to date are working against a common enemy that threatens humanity and we're given the option to fight alongside one of these factions, therefore giving players weapons, vehicles, and other toys that they may have not been at their disposal if they had chosen a different faction. This immediately brings Borderlands to mind. But in regards to Destiny, I believe we'll have the choice of faction instead of character. Another essential element of Borderlands that I can see making its way into Destiny is Borderland's take on an open world. Instead of just one large area to explore, Borderlands brings different regions filled with different characters and opportunities that you wouldn't normally find in other regions. 'Destiny' has been long rumored to include MMO-like elements. This is where it begins to make sense. Much like games such as World of Warcraft and Planetside 2, I believe players' experiences will somehow intertwine as they wage war against their enemy. This is where I think the infamous - and mysterious - star map comes into play. I don't think we're looking at actual stars. I believe we've been looking at the entire world of Destiny this entire time. The map features some fairly noticeable borders and edges that seem to divide some portions of the map. Are those different playable regions? And more evidence that points to an open world-like setting is Bungie's fairly recent employment of an [b]ex-Rockstar dev[/b] that worked on Red Dead Redemption. Here's my point: From what we've heard to this point, Destiny seems to be shaping into an open world game, in some form or another. With the different factions present, I have the feeling that they're not working [i]against[/i] each other. They're working [i]with[/i] each other. No one outside of Bungie really knows how big the world of Destiny is. So at this point, it's anyone's guess. However, I believe Destiny would be truly epic in size and scope. It might just be bigger than anything we've ever seen or imagined from Bungie and truly something none of us will expect. Maybe we'll even be able to engage in space battles at will. Imagine completing objectives in orbit that will ultimately effect the battle on the ground, it would be mind blowing. I'd imagine Bungie has quite the large budget with the game, so perhaps what we once imagined being impossible on today's gaming consoles can become a reality for the first time? I guess we'll find out soon enough. Destiny might just be a co-op heavy game, but that certainly doesn't rule out the possibility of PVP multiplayer. Come on... A 21st Century Bungie game that you [i]can't[/i] kill your buddies in? That would be silly. What do you think? What are your hopes and wishes for the game?

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