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11/29/2012 10:22:43 AM

MJOLNIR Appearance

We all know that 343i have a new 'art style' in Halo 4 meaning that character, weapon and vehicle models are looking a bit different to previous versions. The Master Chief's armour looks particularly different, but we know for a various reasons that it is supposed to be the same armour he wore in Halo 2 and 3. In the opening CGI cutscene ([url=]1:20[/url]) in Halo 4 when Dr. Halsey mentions the Spartan IIs it shows them wearing the same armour as the Master Chief does later on which is the MJOLNIR Mark VI. They are are displayed, however, when Halsey is mentioning the battles on human colonies earlier on in the war. At this time the Spartans would have been using the MJOLNIR Mark IV not the Mark VI. I think there are two possible explanations for this. The first one is less likely but for me a preferable explanation. Even though Halsey is referring to the Spartans in the earlier period of the war, perhaps we are actually watching the surviving Spartan IIs fighting on Earth around the time Halo 2 was taking place and would therefore be wearing the Mark VI. The second explanation is that the appearance for the Mark VI hasn't just changed, but the appearance for the MJOLNIR armour worn by the Spartan IIs has changed in general. Perhaps the Mark IV, Mark V and Mark VI all look the same with this new 'art style.' What do you think? [Edited on 11.29.2012 2:24 AM PST]

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