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11/21/2012 6:53:13 PM

Halo Reach is WAY better then Halo 4

I dont like halo 4 there are too may things wrong with it! 1. the br and dmr are the best weapons in the game... they always win. They need to make the game well rounded (exp: one gun beats the other not the dmr is the best) 2.Instant respawn... wheres the awesome "EXTERMINATION!!" ITS TOO MUCH LIKE CALL OF DUTY!! 3.The servers suck every little while you lag out a game or the game is just down right chaotic!! (guy lags behind you then assassinates you and guess what?! you can still walk around) 4.Forge is okay but the shadowing sucks, the forge maps suck, you fly so slow, you cant zoom in, and the stupid loading takes too long. 5.Maps are soo easy to get out of even if your not on forge. You can walk through rocks even more than halo reach. Clearly the maps are poorly made. 6.Graphis are sad because this game was made after halo reach but some how halo reach's graphics are way better then halo 4's. I did a test by playing halo 4 and looking at the beautiful scenery and playing halo reach and looking at their scenery... i was stunned when i saw it Reach's is way better you could look at a mountain in the background and it actially looks like you could walk/swim/fly over there. halo 4 on the other hand looks disgusting. Everything looks like paper!! 7.Theater is really bad its basicly what Reach had but you cant get clips from campaign (on Reach you could) and spartan ops (Reach didnt have spartan ops but they sure did have firefight!) 8.I dont know if anyone else thinks so but i dont like the campaign. graphics suck, i don like master chiefs armor, and i sure as heck dont like that cortanas dead! what else is master cheif gonna fight for? I also really dont like the legendary ending i liked it better when master chief kept his helmet on. There is much more but i think i should stop here. Bungie i dont know what 343 is doing but they arnt doing it right! we miss you Bungie!!!! <3 and we all know you could have done a better job Microsoft is stupid for letting you go!! if anyone is gonna start a boycott send me a message about it please! [Edited on 11.21.2012 6:33 PM PST]

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