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11/20/2012 12:28:05 PM

Help me flesh out my new Skyrim character.

Simple thread premise is simple: I want to start a new character, suggest some interesting character traits for role-playing purposes. Nothing is set in stone yet so all races, skills, perks, weapons and armour can be incorporated into your suggestions. Be as in-depth as you like, I will regard all suggestions as equal - from one-word answers such as "agoraphobic" to six paragraphs of exposition relating to a childhood betrayal that led to my character punching every breton s/he meets in the face. I originally considered playing an orsimer sword and shield maiden who was obsessed with felling the most dangerous creatures in Skyrim. Feel free to use that as a starting point. Characters I have played in the past and will be less likely to play again: *The smooth-talking charmer who never got her hands dirty. Relying entirely on the skilled warriors she charmed into her service and the possessed minions she summoned from the darkest reaches of existence, the charmer was a hit with merchants and the women of Skyrim alike. Concerned not with the life of a hero or the politics of Skyrim, she chose instead to continue raiding bandit camps with her underlings for loot that could be redirected towards honest merchants to put gold both in her pockets and those of the citizens of Skyrim she so enjoyed interacting with. *The silent assassin. Interested in no-one but herself, daggers and illusion magic would cut down anyone stupid enough to stand in her way before they ever knew they were in her way. A talented pickpocket, she amassed a mighty fortune for no other reason than because she could - she never spent a penny she could avoid spending (by any means necessary.) She assisted in a Stormcloak rebellion only so that she could take advantage of the anarchy for her own ends. *The heroic archer. Rising up the challenge of being the Dragonborn, the archer felled any enemy who dare threaten her, the peace or Skyrim's citizens. Heroic to a fault, she never loved for fear that her family would be used against her. The archer wisely stayed out of Skyrim politics whenever she could. *The lovable rogue. Afflicted with kleptomania, the rogue found herself on the wrong side of the law often - not that anyone could stay mad at her long enough for it to matter. Deathly afraid of butterflies, she battled her fears of summer meadows as she tried to carve out a life for her and her lover in Whiterun. Unable to avoid her destiny, she was eventually dragged into matters of dragons and politics alike and came out on top - a victory over Alduin as the Dragonborn and another for the Empire over the Stormcloak rebellion. A stable and safe future secured for her lover in their new home inside Solitude's walls, she continued to live in peace... occasionally stealing her neighbour's valuables. The rogue was my runaway favourite for obvious reasons. Butterflies. Over to you. [Edited on 11.20.2012 4:30 AM PST]
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