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11/19/2012 8:11:16 PM

Chief first into Hell

[b][i]This was written procedurally.[/i][/b] Amidst a busy firefight on The Ark, Chief kneeled behind cover with his battle rifle. To his left; the Covenant, and to his right; the Flood. The firefight had been going on for several minutes now and Chief was getting restless. "Can I go yet?" asked Chief. He tapped away at his battle rifle's scope. Several plasma rounds splashed on the rock wall behind him. "Cortana?" "Okay, the portal should be opening up any time soon." "When?" "You're excited, aren't you?" "Yeah." John thought the fact was obvious enough. "3 minutes." Several grunts and an elite were making their way down the small hill Chief was hiding at the bottom of. "The Demon! Kill the Demon!" a grunt screamed. But before the grunt could open fire, Chief shot it in the face with his battle rifle. "Shut up." John sounded annoyed. "Who's next?" A plasma grenade slowly laced its way over the rock John was using as cover, to which Chief began a casual pace away from the inevitable explosion. On his way out into the open, John picked off enemies grunt-by-grunt with each three-round burst, the elite took a dive to his left but was suddenly trampled on by a Flood-infected Hunter. The plasma grenade behind him exploded. "Wonderful." Chief exclaimed. "How long is left now?" "Not long." Cortana replied, understanding Chief's impatience. There was an intentional silence made by John, he wanted a longer answer. "Forty seconds at most." she added. "Oh, and you might want to find cover. That thing looks nasty." The Flood Hunter had been stomping its way towards Chief whilst he stood there as if he was waiting for a delivery, and as it raised its left arm to crush the Demon, Chief quickly dived under its arm whilst giving a traumatic punch to its armpit. It lost its balance, and whilst doing so John climbed up its back placing the battle rifle's end firmly behind the head of the Flood Hunter. A three-round burst followed. The Tank form collapsed, and Chief gracefully hopped from its descending shoulders before it gave a loud thud. Then, in the centre of the firefight, a huge portal emerged from nowhere and began pulling all nearby objects into it. "There's your ride." Cortana remarked. "Indeed." said Chief. He sprinted straight for the portal, running past already-flying crates and boxes. A group of grunts dragged across the grassy ground bringing up fresh soil. An elite on a Ghost attempted to boost away from the portal but the effort was pointless, it quickly got sucked into the blue centre of the portal. "This is the Demon's doing! Flee, my brothers!" an elite general cried. A toppling Revenant smacked into him, instantly knocking him out. Seconds after the portal appeared, Chief dived into it and immediately appeared thousands of feet up in the air. A beautiful view of The Ark presented itself, with a mild shower of assorted grunts, elites, Covenant vehicles and writhing Flood forms. Hordes of Flood infection forms latched onto a screaming grunt, infecting it as they fell. In a diving position, Chief leaned forward and fell fast enough to catch up to a falling plasma turret which he then detached and began firing at the terrified Covenant forces above him. "Ooh! Get that fusion coil!" Cortana eagerly notified Chief. He shot it, the explosion disrupted a falling Ghost's engines causing the piloted elite to jump off. The explosion also forced several Covenant weapons caches back into the falling crowds. Elites, grunts and Flood forms were squished by flying debris. Further behind, a spec-ops elite was holding on to the back of a wraith for his dear life, his legs flailing about. "Curse you, Demon!" he shouted. "Such cruelty for ou-" The elite was interrupted by a chunk of metal from the fusion coil. His corpse cartwheeled away into the distance. Chief turned back towards The Ark. "Fun's over, get me back on the ground." he asked. "Got it." Cortana replied. A few miles away, a group of Covenant forces looked into the skies to see a trail of debris and fellow Covenant soldiers. And amongst all of this, the evil green soldier of death could be seen. "The Demon flies!" a grunt cried, who then dropped his plasma pistol and began waving his arms around in fear. The remaining grunts in the squad followed in the same manner and waddled back to the phantom, all leaving the elite squad leader on his own to stare at the incredibly odd sight. Cortana activated a Forerunner portal a few metres in front of Chief, which then sent him flying horizontally, mid-air, across the ground. Capturing his balance as he fell, Chief skidded across the grass chucking up chunks of soil and leaves. Eventually he slowed down and turned around in anticipation. In front of him, the tragic cluster of falling debris slammed into the ground. Covenant screams ended abruptly whilst vehicles and plasma batteries exploded. Chief stood for a moment after the rain of destruction slowly calmed down. "Where's the Rookie? He'd have loved this."
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