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11/12/2012 8:07:54 PM

After the Activision contract did Bungie will become a publisher?

That's the question i asking you my friends! when the new hawtness A.K.A "Project Tiger" will finally end it's time in 2020 or something, do you think Bungie will lead projects as publisher for their future titles ? Or quite the contrary will they stay with Activision ? An other possibility can you imagine Bungie as a subsidiary of Activision if they decided at the end of the contract to purchase them ? All of this happen with the positive equation : "Tiger" = Big Big Success for Bungie/Activision of course. For my part i consider that Bungie secretly want this kind of freedom. They always seems to be in a quest of independance since 2007 and the current Acti-contract shows it (they own their franchise now, wich is a raw contract!) Remember when they were a publisher back in the 90's ? Marathon and Pathway were developed and published by Bungie Software Product Corporation and even if they wasn't "very" comfortable with it because of financial problems, they were people having fun in the industry as an indie developer. But now time has changed, Bungie is a "multi billion dollars" sellers company wich mean a lot of things. I think it's kind of cool to control every aspects of the product when you're a develloper/publisher but it's such a huge responsibilty, it require experience and many expert in marketing and of course a huge financial investment in campaign, advertisement... So i was thinking about something, let's considerate this : [b]Id Software [/b] and [b]Blizzard [/b] are the "cousin-competitor" of Bungie they're all born the same year (wich is 1991) but only Bungie still dont have privilege of being a publisher as them. They have Different story, similar games, but take differents direction... I think in Bungie case it's due to their lack of other massive franchise. Halo against Starcraft, WOW, Diablo, Doom, Quake... well it's like The Dark Knight versus The Avengers wich mean you're cool but you need your Justice League for being a real threat... That made me think that Bungie still need to solidify their catalog with other (various!) game. Everything is possible, many opportunities can happen in 10 years (or less) and at the end of Tiger era, perhaps they'll come with a tone of differents concept & genre, who know ? Well i've finished so what do you guys think about the future of Bungie ?

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