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11/8/2012 4:05:49 AM

Flavors, Favors, and Neighbors. (Hey, that rhymes.)

Tick tock goes the grandfather clock. Tock tick I hear it click. What if Bungie and its interactions with the Community were a representation of how Destiny will work? Maybe Bungie has been slipping us the slippers all along. Let's examine the rather phat stats. [quote][b][u]Flavors:[/u][/b] We all know, Bungie can come in many [url=]flavors[/url], namely cheesy, and rotten smelly cheese at that (with a hint of blue cheese perhaps?) Maybe Bungie has incorporated an economic system into Destiny so brilliant and diverse it could allow for the craftsmanship of our own ice cream and cheese, as well as other foods of our choosing. This could allow more options to traders and ranging prices on goods, which would make it more interesting. Bungie is incredibly diverse, so it would make sense that even within the different clans that exist in Destiny, diversion would occur and allow people to stick to a certain 'flavor' so to say more than other flavors. [b][u]Favors:[/u][/b] DeeJ has done us all a great favor. What might that be you ask? Moving on. In Destiny, it may allow group raids or the sharing of items and goods, to further our clans and improve our well being. If the Bungie team has been doing the Community favors weekly, free of charge, then why wouldn't we be able to do that to each other in their upcoming game? For example, you need 3 watermelons, I need some corn. We run some errands for each other, and voila! We both return to our homes as happy men. [b][u]Neighbors:[/u][/b] Now, some of you may remember the dreaded porch da-*gets bundled into a van and carried away* and that is not what we are discussing. When I say "neighbors", you say "Us." "Neighbors." ... Destiny may allow (seeing as there is a strong possibility of 'clans' like TDO or New Monarchy) the construction of [url=]home building[/url] and improvement of such a home over time and by what? Why, the money we earned from our ice cream and cheese of course! How cool would it be to see the progress on the development of our home and compare it to that of our lowly neighbors? Homes could be utilized for both protection and for a 'waypoint' on our adventures. In games, homes are seen as a safe haven, bringing protection from monsters, evil spirits, and dragons.*[/quote] Yes, I do not have any solid 'proof' that any of this will come to fruition, but Robert Boyle or Isaac Newton didn't have any proof in the beginning did they? What are your thoughts on the possibility of big community growing within Destiny by the Community? What do you think the chances of any of the three possibilities are that they will come to fruition? ~UFO *[i]Another reason why homes would seem so appropriate in Destiny.[/i]

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