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11/8/2012 12:07:37 AM

Bungie Community Wednesdays #3

Hello there, community. Welcome to the third addition of Bungie Community Wednesdays! This week has been a very important week for both the community as well as Halo fans around the world. The green machine himself is back in Halo 4 and we have arrived in a new era for Bungie, which I guess you could say really started when Bungie announced they were parting ways with the Halo universe. Now Halo is in different hands and those hands are taking good care of Bungie's baby. Anyways, enough with my rambling. Let's get this started! [b][u]Awesome threads this week[/b][/u]: This week the Holiday season was started early and someone made a nice record of break-ins at Bungie. First off, Helveck started Christmas early in order to get an early start on a [url=]community gift for Bungie[/url]. If you haven't checked this thread out I really recommend you do, contribute and make a gift for the company we all love! Next we have a thread that I thought was pretty neat for those looking for some insight on the gaming industry as well as life around Bungie. Props to Sven Nietzsche for providing everyone with convenient [url=]list of breaking-in articles[/url]. [b][u]Chapter Spotlight[/b][/u]: This week we searched The Classifieds once more to find a great group for everyone. We came across [url=]this ad[/url] for a group aiming to bring the community closer. We present, [url=]Gaming Central[/url]. Still not convinced? Here are some words from the founder, AcedannyK7. [quote] I wanted to make my own group (first time trying it) and as gaming is a massive hobby of mine, it was only right to dedicate a group to it. Some really great, steadfast members joined up and have since been helping me create a group with a cool atmosphere and down to Earth community. We do game nights and mostly talk about games and gaming topics. The discussion is really easy going. Gaming Central is a home for any and all gaming activity on Feel welcome to join up if you like.[/quote] Join Gaming Central today! [b][u]Community Reflection[/b][/u]: There a lot of grizzled ancients in our great community and it can be difficult to choose just one per week to gather us all around the campfire and tell the tale of their journey here on This week we chose the mustache bomb himself, burritosenior. [quote]I've met some asshats and some cool folk here on Bnet. Mostly asshats. Let's be honest here- even the people I like are asshats most of the time. I've gotten the opportunity to put on a lot of different metaphorical hats (take that how you will), and had a lot of good times. I'm a sucker for community projects and have gotten the honor of working on quite a few of them, from the old 'Community Members pick what goes in the Gallery and Voting Booth forums' project to current ones like the Community Carnage, FAQ, or Blueprint. I've gotten involved in a number of private groups that have kept me going for years. I have seen people come and go, met Bnet folk in real life, and seen incredibly touching real life stories play out. Watching Bnet drama unfold is also always fun. It has been a great almost-seven-years for me and I look forward to an almost-seven-more.[/quote] [b][u]Community Q&A results with Parson Shaffer[/b][/u]: We asked, you answered. [quote] [b]Is there anything you are hoping to accomplish here on[/b] AxJARxOFxDIRT: From what I said earlier today: "My ultimate goal here is to get to that point where someone sees my name and thinks 'Hey, I know him. Let's see what he has to say.' Will that ever happen? Most likely not but I'm happy to have picked up that kind of attitude toward several people here." PS: I remember you, but don't let it get to your head because I read the list of all active members 10 times a day. [b]What are you being for Halloween and will you post a picture?[/b] T1B3R7uMB0YXVI: I wore the "Error 404 - Costume not found" t-shirt. I most certainly will not take a picture of that, as it may pose a greater threat to the internet world. PS: I would love to see a picture of you, send me a pm [b]you think you could take on Jerome?[/b] AcedannyK 7: Never and I just thought I'd say anyone who said "yes" here in the comments died a very quick death via grav hammer. The Fist of Jerome. PS: I could take Jerome, any time, any place. [b]Is there anything you would like to see in our next Community Wedneaday?[/b] edableshoe: A little less text next time, even if it is really well done. PS: Way to go, it is now your fault that I can not tell as many people how much of an idiot they all are. Thanks for that. [b]How would you rate yourself as a member (1 being horrible 10 being amazing)?[/b] DMX1337: 5 or 6. PS: Getting a little a head of your self aren't you? [/quote] Thank you all for participating! [b][u]Community Q&A[/b][/u]: Time for round 3. [quote]How did you get here in the first place? Ever won anything from Bungie in your time here? Do you regret any of your time spent on Bnet? Have you ever founded a private group? Was it successful? How is your moderation history these days? What was like the year you joined? The Septagon or The Flood? If Jerome knocked down the door to your house with the Hammer and asked you to come with him and there was no time to explain... would you go with him? Where do you think you'd be going?[/quote] That concludes this week's Bungie Community Wednesday, we hope you all enjoyed it! Wanna help us plan and knock these things out? Send me a PM and join [url=]our member que[/url]! [b]Thanks to: Bricypoo, AcdannyK7, and burritosenior.[/b] [Edited on 11.08.2012 2:58 PM PST]

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