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11/7/2012 11:52:08 PM

I hope that alot of you will stay around and continue plying halo reac

as all of you know that the GREAT halo4 had arrived yesterday morning at 12am to the masses. i picked up a copy finished 50% of legendary campaign. played 12- 6am then left for school =)..exhausted af imo there are a number of terrible issues with the game, not saying it is a terrible game, the story is great. the commercials the ads, the vid clip leaks, the work put into the game, and graphics ..were absolutely inspiring + fantastic. Though when i first played the game i was absolutely crushed by the amount of changes such as; menu style score screen styles that all looks like bf3, the button layout which is completely like cod =//////// the instructional voice feature as you begin "infinity" like that of some sort of racing video game explaining the menu options lol.. the overly enhanced graphics which makes it look like some japenese gundam ps2 game all contributed to shaping my idea of halo into some mutated nightmare for me. as a die hard halo fan i couldn't help to think the entire time "why can't the game just be a little more like halo," as i was trying to be a positive spirit about it the whole time because i love halo and the players! and the fun years of gaming it has provided for me. anyways getting back to the topic, ...but unfortunately MOST(my definition of "most"...95%) people disagree and say this game kicks total ass (and i wish i could experience their level appreciation & happiness), which is the complete opposite of my pessimistic state of mind and level of disappointment/ with the game's drastic amount of change still unbelievable and im coping with the reality. [b] SOOOOOO [/b] for those of you can't afford halo 4, for those of you who agree, for those of you have no insight but are open to some insight about the game and have the opportunity to turn back before it's to late i want to say that i hope you guys stay in halo reach so i will have some opponents to matchmake with!I DONT want it to die out im hoping people will continue playing i love it so much! i hope you guys will continue the original days of halo which seems at this point RIPed to me because i will not be contributing gameplay or partake in the matchmaking lobbies of halo4. thanks if halo Halo has been a GREAT game it has been the funnest game playing EVER for me in my entire life of my video game activities. It has brought inspiration to me as a computer science major, it has lead me to believe i will play video games the rest of my freaking life. rip good old halo days. p.s. i dont care about ur trolling rip on me about this lame a$$ post. long as you keep playing halo reach =) <3 also in conclusion. if you like to know more about halo4 , when i first played the game and was taught this sad reality of what my favorite game has become.. THIS is how i [url=]F.ucking Felt[/url] [Edited on 11.07.2012 6:29 PM PST]

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