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11/1/2012 6:33:03 PM

What cutscene do you want to see in halo ?

I want to see a cutscene, where chief fight three high ranking elites... he has another spartan two with him, the day is cloudy and they are in a forest, the trees are about 1 meter away from each other. So this partner dies and chief will start playing (like 3 days grace "animal i have began") chief takes his partner into cover and sees him die... He rages and disapears (hides from elites) the elites get seperated, and then suddenly, in slow motion we see chief comming from behind a tree and hitting the first elite so strong that he instantly breakes his shield and gets a hold of the elites backbone and tears it apart(all while the others elites try to orientate on where their partner is), chief disapears again and suddenly he apears near another elite, he hits him with his knife tearing the elites neck apart, the other elite starts shooting at chief and chief dodges the plasma and hits the plasma rifle breaking it, now begins a battle which shows how unhumanly fast, strong the spartans are, he not only fights with incredible speed and power but also with such tricks that you could easly say that he is the best in hand to hand. Sorry for my grammar, its bad because im writing from my iphone. What cutscene do you want to see in halo ?

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