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10/31/2012 5:53:53 PM

Bungie Community Wednesdays 2

Tonight's the night for witches and monsters to roam the streets, a night for candies and treats. So community, trick or treat? Happy Halloween everyone, and welcome to week 2 of Bungie Community Wednesdays! Last week started out with some negative feedback from a few members and I was discouraged, I admit. But, for the most part everyone else enjoyed it and some even participated which made everyone here very happy. It doesn't matter to me how many people disliked it, if they don't like these then they don't have to read them. What matters to me are the community members that do enjoy these Wednesday programs. This is because we make these for you, the community. It isn't about getting popular like some of you may think, it's about connecting and entertaining you all. So as long as we're doing that, we'll press on! Now, let's begin. [b][u]Thread spotlights[/b][/u]: This week there were two threads that interested me. One was because it reminded me of the Halloween spirit, and the other because I found it to be pretty funny. The first thread of the week was [url=]Frankenmember[/url]. It didn't get many responses but I think it should have. It was an interesting concept for a thread and I think it goes well with this week's Community Wednesday because it is Halloween, after all. Props to you, John McGhee 1975. The second thread was just pretty funny, and I'm sure many of you saw [url=]"Can I apply to be a janitor at Bungie HQ?"[/url]. It was an honest attempt for ShadedSpartan17 to try and use his amazing cleaning skills to help Bungie in their quest for world domination. Maybe someday, ShadedSpartan17. Maybe someday. [b][u]Chapter Spotlight[/b][/u]: This week we went to The Classifieds once again to bring you a potential group for you join today. Straight from their [url=]ad[/url], we give you [url=]The Game Lounge[/url]. I could sit here and tell you what it's all about in there but it wouldn't be very accurate, would it? So here to tell you all about TGL I give you, A Lemur Monkey. [quote]What we have to offer: We offer many things, including but not limited to Game Nights, Contests, Game Discussion, and a friendly community. Why it was established: I established this group because I was tired of not being able to find a group for me to discuss any game I wanted to discuss. So I figured, why don't I make one? So I did, I came up with the idea of a group that will discuss any game we please, a group that allows its members to set up contests or game nights of their own, a group with mature members, and a group where people can make friends. Why users would enjoy the group: As I said countless times before, we have a very mature community, and we are dedicated to keeping it that way. We also have many events going on at one time. There is almost always a contest or a game night going on. And of course, there are tons of friends to be made. <3 Lemur[/quote] Like what you're seeing? Join today! [b][u]Community Joes announcement[/b][/u]: For those who aren't familiar with the Community Joes, they are a fine group in are community who interview members, who are selected through a voting process, so that the community can understand a little more about them. I am happy to announce that the Joes have began voting again! So if you would like to take part of the voting process and select the member that will be interviewed, [url=]join up and vote today![/url] [b][u]Community Reflection[/b][/u]: This week we selected a member in our community, who has been here for quite some time, to share with us about his time here with the community. He's half dog, half man, half goat (or at least I think he is). Take it away, dmg!

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