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10/7/2012 6:38:09 AM

Played Halo 4 (Q and A thread) [BACK ONLINE]

I got back from the EB Expo this morning. Ermahgerd. Awesome. Awesome Everywhere! I'll do a quick summary for you folk who don't know what I'm on about. The EB Expo is basically Australia's version of E3. I played: Halo 4, Injustice, Black Ops 2, Far Cry 3, Aliens: Colonial marines, Tekken tag tournament (2? I don't know). There were some others but they were my main ones. Of course there were other games at the Expo, but I was in love with Halo 4. Super sadface that I missed out on the Autograph with Josh Holmes, but he looked at me from the Xbox booth. Yup, he looked at me. Here is a copy paste of some questions I was asked in Writer's Corner, but feel free to ask anything. FYI, I played two games of Infinity Slayer on Exile, two of Dominion on Longbow and one of CTF on Adrift. [u]1. How did the killcams work out, if they were in the build that you played?[/u] They fit really well in my opinion. This is coming from a guy who doesn't own any CODs and usually dislikes that whole formula. But really, seeing it from their POV wasn't very different from seeing the person from your dead body in past halos. It was good to see how much you damaged someone before they took you out as well. [u]2. Which AAs did you try out? Did they all seem useful?[/u] [b]Autosentry:[/b] It wasn't overly effective, but was useful for covering fire. It doesn't do much damage and the small time (don't try and activate it if your being shot) it takes to activate it is a setback, but it was balanced. While it is active the AA energy circle is drained. I'm not sure whether or not it would entirely disappear if the AS is destroyed prematurely, but I assume it would be. It didn't last too long, but overall I thought it was a good AA to use as a back up weapon if you're more of a lone wolf. [b]Promethean Vision:[/b] Pretty effective. I guess that the ability to spot nearby people (vehicles aren't shown as far as I know) was balanced by being unable to use any other AA's. As 343i stated, it isn't that useful to someone who uses their motion sensor a lot. It is good to get an idea of how much higher/lower someone is to you though. [b]Thruster pack:[/b] I didn't like this one, it's pretty much evade but with only one use per cycle. It is only set up for avoiding attacks, not as a means to travel around a map. [b]Jet pack:[/b] I didn't see this in use, but my friend told me that it is fairly similar to Reach but is more of a forward propulsion as opposed to Reach's vertical. [b]Hardlight shield:[/b] Armour lock, but balanced. Shields can recharge while this is in use, but you aren't invincible and the shield itself can take damage. I didn't think that the energy usage was too much or too little. [b]Active Camo:[/b] Only used this once, but I noticed that the Radar Jam feature is gone. I'm not sure about the movement in terms of whether or not you become more visible while moving. If you turn it off before it runs out, about one eighth of the energy meter will disappear. Can't really speak much about this, as far as I know I was the only person using it. [b]Regenerator:[/b] Seemed a lot like the regenerator from Halo 3 rather than the healing of the Drop Shield. The people inside it aren't that hard to kill and the Pulse grenade renders it useless if placed correctly. One important thing is that while inside, your vision is slightly impaired and blurred. Not by much really, I can't see it affecting anything. All in all, AA's seemed more like a way to play your own way instead of forcing you to use something you didn't want. They definitely weren't required to win battles, but complimented well. Also, having Sprint as a standard ability was great and just helped to increase the flow of the game. [u]3. How was the create a class system, as well as the perks?[/u] I was really worried that it wouldn't be balanced, but it honestly felt like Halo. In the version we played, everything was already unlocked so this would be different from Matchmaking on day one. The shield perk (regenerating slightly faster) wasn't very noticeable but worked well. As 343 has said, they (like my interpretation of AA's) are just a way to play your own way. I used the Dexterity perk which increased reloading and swapping speed and it was pretty awesome. Not sure exactly how much the time is decreased, but it was a useful add on, especially when using the SAW (it doesn't have a long reload time, faster reloading just made it more powerful). The perk which limits the reticule knockback from being shot wasn't very noticeable. I don't think it will be abused at all. [u]4. Do you like the changes made to CTF, such as the Flagnum and the constant waypoint over the flag carrier's head?[/u] As standard, the magnum isn't very accurate and is actually toned down a little bit from Reach. I didn't actually hold the flag (staying defence with light rifle, BR, DMR, Energy Sword and Scattershot FTW), but it seemed to be just a last resort it your attacker is pinning you down with a bigger weapon and is outside the flag's hitting range. As for the waypoint, it was useful. The flag carrier's speed was higher than past game's but probably around the default player speed if not the same. Instead of having to remove the flag by standing beside it, it will disappear by itself after thirty seconds. As with everything else, it was a faster paced gamemode than expected but was still holding a constant Halo feel. [u]5. Do you feel like Dominion is a worthy successor to Invasion?[/u] Yes, definitely. I'm hoping that this replaces Territories (always hated that). Felt a lot like Invasion Slayer to me. The turrets on the roof weren't OP at all and (I think) were a lot like the Auto Sentry in terms of damage. One overcharged plasma pistol shot will knock them out until the 'resupply' time. This resupply time (if you don't know) is a thirty second gap in a team's force fields at the bases doors. All force fields were accessible (as in you could walk back and forth through) by the team that owned them, but you couldn't shoot through them. The other team couldn't walk through them at all but there are a few ways into each base (on Longbow at least). [u]6. Which map was your favorite?[/u] Not really sure. I didn't see much of Adrift as I was only really staying at our base to defend (regenerator is extremely useful when your flag area is under attack). Exile was pretty fun, but so was Longbow. Dat Longbow skybox :3 Probably Exile, I think. [u]General info:[/u] Something I noticed which I don't think is widely known is that vehicles have their own picture on the motion tracker. No longer is it: "I wonder if that red dot is a banshee? Or is it a Scorpion?" [u]Weapons and Vehicles I used are as follows:[/u] Banshee Warthog Scorpion Mongoose Ghost Assault Rifle DMR Battle Rifle Magnum SAW Sticky Detonator Frag Rail gun Rocket launcher Spartan laser Carbine Storm Rifle Plasma grenade Energy Sword Plasma pistol Light Rifle Boltshot Suppressor Pulse grenade Scattershot [Edited on 10.07.2012 10:56 PM PDT]

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