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10/6/2012 6:48:17 AM


I'm recording my Marauder Voice and am willing to fulfill any quote you want me to do with it... as long as it's safe. I'll post it up in the OP and credit your name too. [url=]Request One (Deloriang9879)[/url] [url=]Request Two (| Supertramp |)[/url] [url=]Request Three (Vien)[/url] [url=]Request Four (petitminou)[/url] [url=]Request Five (DoubleMatt)[/url] [url=]Request Six (Vien)[/url] [url=]Request Seven (petitminou)[/url] [url=]Request Eight (deadlyfluffball)[/url] [url=]Request Nine (doogoon)[/url] [url=]Request Ten (doogoon)[/url] [url=]Request Eleven (MattyFez)[/url] [url=]Request Twelve (Rayzor1995)[/url] [url=]Request Thirteen (RETROGHO5TY)[/url] [url=]Request Fourteen (Halloween Dog)[/url] [url=]Request Fifteen (The S bot 9000)[/url] [url=]Request Sixteen (BerzerkCommando)[/url] [url=]Request Seventeen (PandaJerk007)[/url] [url=]Request Eighteen (Tehnoobtube15)[/url] [url=]Request Nineteen (mvyorkie009)[/url] [url=]Request Twenty (Gondile)[/url] [url=]Request Twenty-One (Zayah117)[/url] [url=]Request Twenty-Two (Decimator Omega)[/url] [url=]Request Twenty-Three (petitminou)[/url] [url=]Request Twenty-Four (TheManliestMan)[/url] [url=]Example of the Dark Voice[/url] [url=]Example of the Marauder Voice[/url] Specify what Voice you want to Hear. [Edited on 10.12.2012 7:12 PM PDT]

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