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10/2/2012 11:20:01 PM
112 History: A Blast From The Past (Now with More Awesomeness!)

Hey guys So I had an idea to gather a bunch of the old interesting News posts from back in the day on I was actually surprised by all the really cool stuff I found. So I thought a lot of you would really enjoy getting a "Blast From The Past". Overtime I will be adding more interesting things to this list, since I am sure there are much much more cool stuff I haven't found yet. I have them organized by what the news posts are about. [b][u]About Halo[/b][/u] [url=]Halo CE Launch Party[/url] [url=]Halo CE becoming Game of the Year[/url] [url=]Halo National Tournament[/url] [url=]There is going to be a halo.. 2?[/url] [url=]The tournament finalists[/url] [url=]Making the Halo 2 Trailer Part 1[/url] [url=]Making the Halo 2 Trailer Part 2[/url] [url=]About Map Designs..[/url] [url=]Halo Valentine Art[/url] [url=]#1 Halo fan Contest[/url] [url=]About the day of the contest[/url] [url=]Fanfest Flashback Part 1[/url] [url=]Fanfest Flashback Part 2[/url] [url=]Halo 2 E3 Unleashed[/url] [url=]Making of the Halo 2 E3 Demo[/url] [url=]More on the demo[/url] [url=]Art from the demo[/url] [url=]Engineering for the demo[/url] [url=]The Halo 2-year anniversary[/url] [url=]Halo Pc World Championship[/url] [url=]Halo Home Theater[/url] [url=]The Origin of Halo[/url] [url=]Playing Dirty[/url] [url=]Hog Review[/url] [url=]The Halo Movie[/url] [url=]More about halo Movie[/url] [url=]Halo Movie Part 3[/url] [b][u]Marty, Marty, and Marty.[/b][/u] [url=]Music to Love By with Marty[/url] [url=]Marty talks about music never put in Halo (Part 1)[/url] [url=]Music not in halo Part 2[/url] [url=]the actual music never put in Halo[/url] [url=]Marty gets mugged[/url] [url=]Marty and Jay[/url] [url=]Woork at Bungie: Composer[/url] [b][u]Bungie And The Website![/b][/u] [url=]Bungie Timeline[/url] (Thanks to InsaneAssass1n9) [url=]The Old,[/url] (Thanks to SyK0sAm) [url=]The First News post of all time[/url] [url=]The Birth of the Seventh Column[/url] [url=]Evil Otto writes his first News story (maybe)[/url] [url=]Launching the Bungie store[/url] [url=]The birth of forums[/url] [url=]Bungie Pentathlon 2003[/url] [url=]Bungie goes to the Shooting Ranger[/url] [url=]Bungie Pentathlon 2004[/url] [url=]The New Hawtness![/url] [url=]The History of the Seventh Column[/url] [url=]Bungie Day Recap[/url] [url=]2004 Beta Tester program[/url] [url=]2005 Pentathlon[/url] [url=]Community Valentine[/url] [b][u]Interviews[/b][/u] [url=]Jason Jones answers our questions[/url] [url=]Mordia Talks about the original Halo Art[/url] [url=]Interviewing Cortana[/url] [url=]Robt McLee gets interviewd by you[/url] [url=]Interviewing Miguel Chavez[/url] [url=] A girl talking about Halo?[/url] [url=]Mat Noguchi Interview[/url] [url=]Disembodied Soul: The Interview[/url] [url=]Doug Zartman interview[/url] [url=]Curt Chiarelli[/url] [url=]Interviewing Frankie[/url] [url=]Interviewing Red Vs. Blue[/url] [url=]Lorraine McLeees Interview[/url] [url=]Frankie Interview #2[/url] [url=]McLees Interview #2[/url] [url=]Halo Graphic Novel Interview[/url] [url=]Interviewing MLG[/url] [url=]Ask Noguchi[/url] [url=]Red vs. Blue Interview #2[/url] [url=]Geezer Gamers[/url] [url=]Community Spotlight: Major Nelson[/url] [b][u]Advice[/b][/u] [url=] Sculpting with Juan Ramirez[/url] [url=]Be a Game Desinger 101[/url] [url=]How to create a good group[/url] [url=]So you want to be a Programmer[/url] [url=]Creating a good Gamertag[/url] [url=]The Secret Life of Danger Boy[/url] [url=]More about Creating Groups Part 1[/url] [url=]More about Creating Groups Part 2[/url] [url=]Becomming a Game Animator[/url] [url=]Work at Bungie![/url] [url=]Work at Bungie: Multiplayer Map Design[/url] [b][u]Random Funny Stuff[/b][/u] [url=]Skip Weasel's Guide to Love[/url] [url=]How to make friends[/url] [url=]Get into Bungie's Pants[/url] [Edited on 10.08.2012 5:49 PM PDT]

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