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9/20/2012 8:35:27 PM

Community Carnage: Community VS Flood -- (Flood wins)

Halo 3's 5th anniversary is upon us. In this themed celebratory carnage will you opt to join the infectious Floodian hoard, or stand firm for the Community forum? The two forums have opportunity to translate their hostilities into action (and maybe have a bit of fun too) this coming [b]Saturday (22nd) at 2PM PDT[/b] (bungie timestamp time). Sign up and contribute to your cause. [url=]Link to opposition sign-up thread[/url] Halo 3 [required DLC to be decided upon] 22nd September 2PM PDT [quote][b]REGISTRATION - read this bit carefully[/b] In order to be selected to play you [b]MUST[/b] send a friend request to the gamertag [url=]Carnage Event[/url] AND post your gamertag in this thread. Failure to do one without the other will result in your request being ignored. Once you have been chosen your name will be edited into the original post. Come the day of the event, the friend request will be accepted, and you will be invited to the game by one of the hosts. [b]Important Note[/b] Please take careful consideration of the time and date. Please do NOT sign up until you are completely sure that you are able to make it to the Carnage. If you are having trouble converting locking down the local time, use a [url=]time zone converter.[/url] Also note that the Carnages use the PDT timezone (Bungie Time). Please check this thread regularly for updates. If you signed up to this event and are no longer able to attend please notify us either by sending a private message to one of the organisers (preferred method), or by posting in this thread. [b]General Information[/b] Anyone signed up must be able to play on 22nd September at 2PM PDT. If you are not online, a substitute will fill in for you. Don't be afraid to send any of the organisers a message if you have any questions pertaining to the event. Anyone who has signed up and is not there for the start of the event will be moved to the bottom of the player list or may not get opportunity to play at all. It is critical that you are on time, and even better if you are early.[/quote] ________________________________________________________ [b]Maps and Gametypes[/b] [quote][b]Round 1:[/b] --------Game 1: One Bomb BRs on High Ground ------------Game 2: Team Slayer BRs on Valhalla ----------------Game 3: Grifball on whateverthehellthemapiscalled [b]Round 2:[/b] --------Game 1: CTF BRs on Standoff ------------Game 2: Team Slayer BRs on The Pit ----------------Game 3: MLG KoTH on MLG Construct [b]Round 3:[/b] --------Game 1: One Bomb on Last Resort ------------Game 2: Team Slayer BRs on Narrows ----------------Game 3: MLG CTF on Onslaught [b]Round 4:[/b] --------Game 1: Team Ball BRs on Guardian ------------Game 2: Team Slayer BRs on Heretic ----------------Game 3: CTF BRs on The Pit [/quote] [url=][b][u]MATCH ORDER[/b][/u][/url] [b]Community Forum Team 1[/b] [quote]1. Karl2177 (GT: Karl2177) (Host) 2. Mythical Wolf (GT: Hi Im Swat) 3. DarkestSeptagon (GT: DarkestSeptagon) 4. Siffera 13 (GT: Siffera) 5. spartain ken 15 (GT: spartain ken 15) [/quote][b]Community Forum Team 2[/b] [quote]1. Tom T (GT: Tom T 117) (Host) 2. Count Blinkula (GT: Housecat Monkey) 3. ALI217 (GT: ALI217) 4. ARBITOR 5 (GT: ARBIT0R 5) 5. im am b0red (GT: TopHatGamer2) [/quote][b]Community Forum Team 3[/b] [quote]1. MURDUR 587 (GT: iBIind) 2. SumoMafia (GT: Thantaphobia) 3. Professor24 (GT: QuInToN24) 4. devastat0r09 (GT: DHG VALKYRIE) 5. lime013 (GT: Gnome Scat II) [/quote][b]Community Forum Team 4[/b] [quote]1. sam da man 2008 (GT: Azelote) (Host) 2. Verachi (GT: Verachi) 3. TopWargamer (GT: TopWargamer) 4. MiloOmega (GT: MiloOmega) 5. Gh0st is Bad (GT: HaloBeeKay) [/quote] [b]Substitutes[/b] [quote]1. Reptile1892 (GT: Reptile1892) 2. pureXownage (GT: myth134) 3. Waffle (GT: TheGreatWaffles) 4. carby21 (GT: YourselfIdiot21) 5. jgman676 (GT: jgman676) 6. Boberson1234 (GT: The Covenant) 7. DE4THINC4RN4TE (GT: DE4THINC4RN4TE) 8. The Son Of Goat (GT: Sierra264) 9. Ezcompany2ndsqd (GT: Ezcompany2ndsqd) 10. Ganon 842 (GT: Ganon 842) 11. [/quote] [b]Reserve organisers[/b] [Quote]Antony X1000 (GT: Antony X1000) [/quote] [i]Visit the official [url=][b]Community Carnage Group[/b][/url] for more information and to help with future events.[/i] [Edited on 09.22.2012 4:56 PM PDT]

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