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9/16/2012 10:37:37 AM

Halo 4:Story Structure the same thing all over again?(slight spoilers)

I have been following the story very closely/vidocs, and basically it is looking like every other Halo story, at least in my opinion, there are a few assumptions. 8 missions. [b] Halo 4 [/b] 1. FuD-Tutorial. Every Halo game has had this. 2. Landing on Requiem- Vehicle Tutorial, Exploration Concept. E.g. Halo 3. Possible 3rd mission, but mostly like E3 Demo, but much longer. Infinity, cast introduction, aka similar to Truth and Reconciliation. 4. The Infinity rises, escapes. Here, the first plot twist, about the Covenant and Promethean Relationship, is revealed. This involves heading towards an initial objective, but that quickly changes. 5. Possible Halo ring battle, Installation 07. The Index is taken, the Covenant defeated. Plot Twist! 6. Unknown- Plot Twist 7. Unknown, but this involves heading towards the final objective 8. The final objective, the Didact, climax. No different to other Halos, really, except ODST which was an exception. [b] Halo CE [/b] POA-Tutorial Halo-Vehicle and Open World TaR-Character Development, Sniper Stealth Mission Silent Cartographer- Open World, see Halo 4 similarity above AotCR- The initial objective is reached, plot twist 1 revealed 343GS- Here, the major plot twist is revealed, the whole campaign changes completely Libary-Filler Mission 2B-Heading towards the final objective K-Same Maw-End [b] Halo 2 [/b] Heretic to Cairo-Introduction Outskirts/Metropolis-Vehicle more open world. Sniper mission. Arbiter/Oracle-Plot Twist 1. Stealth. Delta Halo/Regret-Mission Changes Completely, heading towards the initial objective Sacred Icon-Quarantine Zone-Mission Changes now in effect. Major Plot Twist Gravemind- This mission was awesome, so many plot twists Uprising-Same, heading towards the end High Charity-Heading towards the final objective Great Journey-The End Forerunner Ship- Never shipped, but supposed to be the last mission, the end. Halo 2 strayed the most from this setting out of any of the other games, besides ODST. Halo 2 had the 2 mission sequence. [b] Halo 3 [/b] Arrival-117- Tutorial. Crows Nest-Tsavo Highway-Vehicle, more open, character development. Storm-PLOT TWIST, heading towards the initial objective. FloodGate-Plot Twist in Effect. Ark-Covenant-Heading towards the next objective, end of the Covenant. Sniper mission, stealth. Cortana-Halo- Heading towards the end, the end, plus the final plot twist. [b]Halo Reach [/b] (This one fits under my description better than the rest) WC-Tutorial. Sword Base-Vehicle, (attempted) Character Development. Nightfall-Sniper Mission. TotS-Plot twist, heading towards the initial objective. LNOS-Plot twist in effect, more character development. Exodus-The usual filler mission. New Alexandria-Plot Twist 2, change in objective. Package-Heading towards the end. PoA-The end. Lone Wolf-Bonus Mission. I doubt Halo 4 will stray from this, especially with the low mission count. The higher the number of missions, like Halo 2, the higher chance the story set up isn't like what we have seen from Halo in the last ten years. [Edited on 09.16.2012 3:08 AM PDT]

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