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9/15/2012 12:21:28 PM

Is Now Recruiting!!

Greetings, Allow me to tell you about [i]Synergy[/i] ("SYNY", for short). [quote][b]Background[/b] Synergy is an established and structured, mature [i]Halo[/i] clan with only quite a few members right now. Our previous clan name was [i]Global Dominators[/i], but in preparation for [i]Halo 4[/i] and to "renew" the atmosphere, I decided to rename the clan [i]Synergy[/i]. Back in the day, Global Dominators wasn't the biggest clan nor the greatest. We were still small, but at one point were able to reach over 50 clan members. However, this was short-lived due to my one-month absence and a dispute within the clan that split the community apart. After my return to [i]Halo 3[/i] the following month, the clan got smaller and smaller so I decided to disband it. It was brought back up again and it stayed small, but didn't live through the release of [i]Halo: Reach[/i]. After a bit of contemplation, I decided to bring it back for the third time and vowed to stick with it and work hard on it. Synergy is now recruiting for more players to come join a clan with many high endeavors to achieve.[/quote] [quote][b]Vision & Goals[/b] Synergy prides itself into being one of the most social, friendly, experienced and helpful members in the gaming community and we'll have those qualities within us in-game. One of our many goals has always been to put emphasis on the person before the player to create a tight-knit, supportive family of gamers from around the globe who genuinely care about their clan-mates. Here at Synergy, we also feel that it is not what you achieve, but who you achieve it with that really counts in the end, and that fond memories with friendly people will have more of a lasting impact than being in a game first with a group of rude and selfish individuals. It is time that Synergy prepares itself in gaming and administration, and through personal interactions over many online services via our website, Xbox Live, email, etc. With a functional and efficient ranking and government structure being setup, and with helpful, skilled, intelligent, friendly and caring group of players from around the world, we are prepared to surpass the future hurdles placed before us as a community. More of our goals are to focus on personal and clan-wide progression into the games we play, and to expand into a multi-gaming clan that will let specific players who are interested to join in GameBattles' latters and to progress in them. Our community playdates and events will be conducted on a scheduled-and-free-setup basis, too, which will make it easy for the majority of our players to attend and participate. We will, as a serious and fun gaming clan, aim to participate zealously in each games multiplayer and community events. So if it has not yet been understood by the reader, let it be known that Synergy aims not only to dominate the gaming scene while excelling in personal and team goals, but to do all things with respect to one another and those we encounter along the journey. You can always expect a warm welcome from our members as we all move about in [i]Halo: Reach[/i] and the upcoming [i]Halo 4[/i].[/quote] [quote][b]Who We Want[/b] If you fit these types of personalities then you'd be perfect to join the clan! [*]Team players. [*]Contributors. [*]Motivated and dedicated people. [*]People that knows how to have fun. [*]Capable and self-sufficient gamers. [*]Respectful, polite and mature individuals.[/quote] [quote][b]Who We Don't Want[/b] Please don't join if you're going to be these kinds of players, who certainly make a community's atmosphere quite... distasteful. [*]Quitters. [*]Drama queens. [*]Lazy and inactive people. [*]Troublemakers. [*][i]Annoying[/i] squeakers. [*]Elitists (In the "I am the best, you are inferior" definition).[/quote] [quote][b]Questions & Answers[/b] I bet after reading a load of information I have typed above, you have some general questions that you'd like answers to. Let me provide you with a list with known questions you may have: [*][u]How old do I have to be to join?[/u] There is [i]no[/i] age requirement to join Synergy. However, the way you present yourself in-game will certainly affect your eligibility to join the clan. If you are a [i]mature[/i] squeaker rather than an [i]annoying[/i] squeaker, you exponentially increase your chances into being accepted into Synergy. [*][u]Where does the clan's location and time originate?[/u] East Coast/Eastern Standard Time. [*][u]Can I be in more than one clan?[/u] Yes and no. Right now, our only gaming division is [i]Halo: Reach[/i]. If you would like to join a clan that's in [i]Call of Duty: Black Ops[/i], that's totally okay unless they require you to quit this clan. However, if you'd like to be in a second clan in [i]Halo: Reach[/i] that will not be possible. [*][u]Will I have to stay in uniform (motto, bio, etc.)?[/u] The only uniform that is required of you is your motto [i]or[/i] your bio, and your emblem and emblem colors. You are able to change your emblem and what-not if you have to do a machinima that will require you to change it, but I expect for you to revert back to your emblem and its colors once the machinima shoot is over. As for armor, service tag, etc., you will have total freedom over that, especially your gamertag! [*][u]Do I have to have a mic?[/u] No, you don't. However, if you don't have a mic that will limit you from participating in some things and in order to show that you won't need a mic for a majority of the time, you will have to listen to your superiors and comrades 100% to gain their trust and respect. [*][u]Will I be able to recruit others?[/u] Yes, but please be sure to refer them to the clan's 1st-in-command. You aren't required to recruit others, but if you do the clan leaders and officers will evaluate them and see if they're eligible to be in the clan. [*][u]Will a website be setup in the future?[/u] Of course! We'll also be looking for artists and designers who'd like to help with the website! A paid domain is something we're looking forward to in the future, too. [*][u]Are there going to be clan tournaments, prizes, skirmishes and training days in the future?[/u] Definitely! One of our main goals is to create a tight-knit community full of gamers and to befriend each other on a personal level. [*][u]How are community playdates setup?[/u] At the moment, they are setup randomly each week but I make sure to check how many clan members are on before I initiate a playdate at the very moment I attempt to set one up. [*][u]Why should I join this clan/Why should I leave my other clan for this one?[/u] Well, our requirements aren't strict and our officers and leaders are pretty lenient. We're looking to expand in so many ways, and if you're an extremely experienced player with a possible knowledge on how to manage clans then you may guarantee yourself a spot on our future Council or with an Officer position. You'd be a fool to not take advantage on the opportunities and potential this clan has. [*][u]What if I have a question that hasn't been answered on this list?[/u] Contact me! I will provide details on how to contact me below![/quote] [quote][b]Contact Us![/b] You can either send me a message on Xbox Live to , or email me at[/quote]

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