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9/5/2012 5:42:36 AM

Is this Halo 4 plot theory plausible? (Whats your theory?)

Hey everyone. So i just finished reading Halo: Primordium and at the end of the novel i thought up a theory about how the forerunner saga will play into the plot of halo 4. Now i was just wondering if this could actually work according to halo canon. My Theory is this: Chakas/Guilty Spark duplicate takes control of the ONI ship to go look for the Librarian, Riser, and Vinnevra. This will lead him to Requiem where he will find the chief and cortana, who have the genetic imprints of Riser and Vinnevra. Maybe Halsey would have been the imprint of Vinnevra, and since cortana is based off of Halsey, maybe she will be confused for the imprint. Once Chakas/Spark duplicate, Chief (Riser) and Cortana/Halsey (Vinnevra) reunite, they then set out on a mission to find the Librarian who will be the only one who can temper the Didacts rage, and save the galaxy. Either way, i think the ancient humans will play a big role in the series, and that the ONI ship controlled by Chakas/Spark Duplicate will appear somewhere in the games. Also, i realize that this will probably not be the plot, considering that it would rely very heavily on the plot of the novels, and a lot of people will not have read them, so they might not understand. Unless they do a really good job of explaining it in the game. Anyway, that's my theory, sorry if someone else beat me to it, but what's your theory?

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