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9/3/2012 3:53:29 PM

I think i know where halo 4 will take place (spoilers,spoilers,spoiler

[url][/url] If you search the Amazon preview of "The Thursday war" you will find many references to the Didact later on and this is what i found. [quote]The Didact. he was interested in him.i told him he was in requiem[/quote] [quote]Its called requiem. but i dont know where it is.nobody does. why? Because the Didact went there, and for some reason the gods want it to be kept hidden..[/quote] [quote]Requiem. jul had never heard of it..... which was the symbol for it?[/quote] [quote].....and there was the symbol for requiem[/quote] [quote] The Didact Sleeps and must never be woken.kelekos could be reached....[/quote] [quote]Where is this place? I was told it was called [b]Kelekos[/b] but that was the forerunners scared name for it.[/quote] [quote]what is this symbol? Kelekos.[/quote] We know that this "Kelekos" is a location that isn't Onyx nor requiem from the sections you will see when you look it up. This place seems to be very important in relation to the didact since (i am assuming) it was forerunner scripture that said he should never be woken up. Did the Didact Finally lose his mind to rage and the forerunners had to lock him up? Could "Kelekos" be an actual name for a location we already know? Is it that fragmented world we saw with a halo ring over it? [quote] As I said, neither of the Arks were manufacturing Halos, though they were certainly capable of such. This fact, which seemed inconsequential at the time, would eventually be hidden from me in the name of "[b]compartmentalization.[/b]"[/quote] [quote] "You and I are brothers in many ways . . . not least in that we faced the Didact before, and face him now, and perhaps ever after. This is combat eternal, enmity unslaked, unified by only one thing: our love for the elusive Lifeshaper. Without her, humans would have been extinguished many times over. Both I and the Didact love her to this day. "Some say she is dead, that she died on Earth. But that is demonstrably untrue. "One of you almost certainly carries Vinnevra and Riser's old spirits within. Only the Lifeshaper can find them and coax my friends back to life. And after a hundred thousand years of exploration and study . . . "[b]I know where to find her.[/b]"[/quote] Enmity-Deep-seated, often mutual hatred. [un]slaked- unsatisfied Craving,thirst The Didact's Hatred for humanity tipped it's cup and had been sealed away never to be awaken. I suspect this might have been the librarians doing or at the least She would want to be found before her husband was awoken. So i suspect the Didact will be an issue until we or chakas go to this "Kelekos" to get the librarian to calm him down. [Edited on 09.03.2012 7:54 AM PDT]

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