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8/20/2012 3:37:57 PM

Creating A Better Wheel and Mousetrap

Though my title has references to wheels, this thread won't be about automechanics. Sorry to disappoint, please take your goody bag on the way out. OT: I have been perusing for a while and I have always found the hate threads about the title system and the banhammer. In these threads, users complain about how unfair these systems are and how it promotes elitism or how it can be bypassed by creating a new account. But in these threads, no one comes up with a better system, they just complain. I have been taught that if you don't like something then put on your bootstraps and come up with a better way to do the same thing. So I am pulling on my bootstraps with this thread and state how these systems could be modified to be better implemented so I won't have to see threads on how Achronos is stupid and stuff. 1) Title System: A primary cause of the Whaaaam!bulance to make house calls to your mom. I hear so many complaints about how the system could be better and an oldie but a goodie: How does it work anyway? I am not the Web Team, nor am I Achronos so I can not answer that with accuracy. A) What I will do; however, is state a way to modify the title system or overhaul it altogether. I believe that there should be a leveling system to the Titles like how Rooster Teeth has on their forums. Like you "level up" and gain more titles by being active, posting quality threads, replying in an eloquent and respectable manner, and not getting banned which will reward you with "experience." You would have a status bar under your profile page to show how you are doing in regards of gaining experience to level up to become a better member. But you can only level up after so many posts per day. This leveling cap is implemented so as to prevent people from just shooting through the ranks based upon a high ppd. Not I am not naysaying high posters but there should be a limit how much "experience" you get from posts. You are also rewarded "milestone" awards based upon how long you have been with the site, making an account, being active, being respectful, helpful, and not getting banned. This would, in theory, create more titles and more instances for members to want to strive to attain "all" awards and also help in creating better members. 2) Banhammer: I have read so many complaints about the banhammer that I won't go into that mess of fish. A) I don't think I could create or modify the banhammer to be better to get rid of rule breaking ne'er do wells, but I believe we can modify the punishments which it implements. I believe that if you get banned from the site that your IP is locked for a undisclosed amount of time before you can create a new account. Now you may ask why I say create a new account? Well because I believe that if BUNGiE perma-bans you, that your account and history should be deleted causing you to start over, except that when you create a new account you start in the gutter of the gutter. I feel that there should be more negative titles than just Absent Member. If you are perma-banned and you serve your sentence and then proceed to create an account then you start out at "Cannon Fodder" or some other title for BUNGiE to choose. Once you start at this level it takes twice as long for you to level up to the next level than it would if you didn't get perma-banned. Let's say it take 50 experience from 25 posts per day for one month to level from Heroic to Legendary, just to get to be the next step up should be 100 posts per day for two months straight to get level up from "Cannon Fodder." I believe you should have seven negative titles before you reach member so people who get banned and punished would be less likely to be repeat offenders. I have mentioned about a cap on PPD(posts per day) and "how active is too active?" Well I will explain...I feel that a reasonable ppd cap would help with stemming the amount of people who join higher ranks just by posting inexhorbent amount of posts just to get a new title. I feel that a maximum 14 posts per day should be the cap where if you go over, not only do you not recieve experience to level up but you recieve a negative experience point per post you go over. This would also curb those who get punished by losing titles and making that much harder to gain them back IF they lost it through bans and warnings. This is just the beginning, but I feel that since this affects the community that the community should also either disagree or agree with me. The community could, and should, offer either changes or more to this plan or propose their own. I think this should be the place to let BUNGiE know about what we could do to make a better reward/punishment system or just to improve upon the current system. As DeeJ says in the mail sacks: "The floor is open to you"

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