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8/16/2012 6:45:01 PM

The Death of Master Chief *UPDATE!*

So I was reading several articles on the internet that said Steve Downes, the legendary voice behind the Chief, would like to see Chief die at the end of Halo 6. He wanted "a hero's death." So just out of pure fun, how do you, the wonderful Bungie community, think the Master Chief should die? Any idea, badass or funny, would be accepted. Thank you! And I would like to place my opinion. After reading several of the posts, I've come to a conclusion. Chief is with himself. The rest of his allies and Cortana are watching from orbit in a ship. Cortana stays behind because she is too unstable and could hinder Chief. So Chief goes and destroys the threat, blowing up the place as he does it. The people inside the ship believes he's dead. Humanity builds a monument to Chief. At the end of the game Cortana narrates how most people believe he's dead, but there has been rumors that marines have spotted a shadowy, armored figure lurking around and how entire Innie groups have disappeared w/o record of any UNSC intervention. Then there's a scene where Chief is in a small stealth ship along with a few other surviving Spartans. One Spartan tells him that he/she has intercepted a distress call coming from some planet and Chief says "Alright. Punch it." And they go into slipspace. This would be a satisfying ending to me, knowing that Chief is a living legend, but is silently watching over humanity. [Edited on 08.29.2012 6:09 PM PDT]

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