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7/16/2012 4:32:03 AM

Operation Visible Rhino *Video Game Idea*

Hello Bungie community, I haven't be very active within the past couple of months, but I doubt anyone has noticed since I rarely did anything in the first place, but down to business. [quote][/quote]So here's the deal, right now I'm still am still in high school, have almost no programming experience or artistic ability (I can draw mean stickman though), but I do have an idea for a video game. This covers everything from singleplayer storyline to multiplayer customization. While this might sound like a waste of your time, I ask to please look into the thread; if it does turn about to be a waste of your time, I'm sorry, but no refunds, please move on. [quote][/quote]Files: [url=]Prologue of Operation Visible Rhino[/url] [quote][/quote][b]Introduction to Operation Visible Rhino[/b] (Since I have the prologue up this is basically just a tl;dr version, but will probably be taken down sometime soon.) The games is based in the near future (original right?) where powerful leaders of the decide to have a conference. In this conference they decide to try and eliminate some of the alliances/unions that have been and compact it all into one organization. This includes combining the UN, NATO, and the EU. Their organization was known as the GCC (Global Commonwealth Coalition), and while it achieved what they wanted it to, many nations didn't join because they believed it favored countries such as the US and Russia. Instead they made their own alliance known as PATC (Pan Asian Trading Confederation). While this could only be joined by Asian and near-Asia countries, it mostly covered the countries unwilling to join the GCC. While the two organizations didn't hate each other, they didn't really trust each other which started a semi-Cold War 2. During this time period, retired US General Michael Brooks founded a group of top secret soldiers known as the Invisible Rhinos that had top-of-line technology, would assist the GCC, but most importantly, took direct commands from him. He made this group to be able to carry operations without anyone knowing who was behind him, or usually, that they ever happened. But, during the creation of them, a file somehow leaked out and got into the hands of PATC general Chokko Lei (sorry, just made up that name, I'll probably change it soon). Not only was it in enemy hands, but in the hands of a man who had had similar plans to Brooks. He managed to convince the PATC council that a group of top secret soldiers were needed. Once they had been created and trained, his first order was to start Operation Visible Rhino. While this sent through their COMM system, a group of IR (Invisible Rhino) hackers managed to partly intercept a message containing the above three words. They immediately put two and two together and figured that the PATC had discovered enough about them to know their name. From then on, the race is on between the two forces to eliminate the other before they are discovered. Your name is Jacob Boswell, and your squad is sent out to North Korea, where the a meeting about Operation Visible Rhino will take place. Your job is to figure out about what it is and report back to Brooks. I am still working out the kinks in the basic storyline, this about the fourth iteration, and it may have a few plot holes. So, if you have suggestions, please tell me but I'll do my best to fix it no matter what. [quote][/quote]As of now I don't have very many complete pages done, but as I finish them, I will attach a link so you can download a PDF of it. Once that is done, I will work on the rest of the game, and try to improve the parts I have up. I am [u]encourage[/u] constructive criticism (or praise), but no flaming/trolling please, that's only fun for you. P.S. I have the original date I have typing that as 8/12/11, so while I may be inspired some of the games coming out now, most of my ideas I thought of without the assistance of the most recent games. P.P.S. As you might have been able to tell, I haven't really gotten the names down for varies PATC people/groups, but I'll have at least something temporary soon. P.P.P.S. I haven't proof read this, so if there is something wrong, please tell me (it's summertime, not school essay time). [quote][/quote]Thank you for taking time to read this even if you consider it complete -blam!-. [Edited on 07.16.2012 10:53 AM PDT]
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